A look at Windows Phone 7 Xbox Live gaming hub

One of the cool features baked right into Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 is its hub-centric Xbox Live games panel. By connecting Windows Phone 7 directly to your Xbox Live account, you can keep up to date on your Xbox Live account – points, avatars, unlocked achievements, etc. And, because the Windows Phone 7 platform is all about keeping you connected to the web (and all the information that that entails), your WP7 phone will update its games hub “tile” to notify you that you have one (or more) friend requests or other gaming actions on your Live account.

The video you see here comes straight from MIX10, and features Joe Belfiore himself showing off the WP7 games hubs in more detail that we’ve seen in the past. Notice the animated Xbox Live games hub showing Belfiore’s avatar peeking its head out periodically. Once in the hub itself, you get completely synchronized Xbox Live account information, including your installed games collection, integration with the Marketplace, notifications for game invites and notifications that it’s your turn in an ongoing turn-based game.

Of course, there’s more to WP7 than its Xbox Live integration. There’s the Zune music hub, the always-connected web features and the innovative new UI that breaks the smartphone mold cast by the iPhone and it’s app-centric homescreen layout. We’ll continue to bring you more MIX10 coverage throughout the day, so stay tuned!

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