Icera enables 21Mbps HSPA+ on USB modems through software upgrade

Mobile broadband semiconductor vendor Icera has started shipping its “HSPA+ Release 7-enabled” HSPA+ soft modem to customers. The company’s platform delivers 21Mbps download speeds as a software upgrade to its current HSPA 14Mbps platform, using the same silicon.

It is expected that first Icera customers, which currently ship 10.2Mbsp and 14.4Mbps modems, start upgrading their devices with 21Mbps HSPA+ speeds during the second quarter.

Commenting on this achievement, Icera’s CTO and VP Modem Software, Steve Allpress, said: “HSPA+ is gaining increasing traction with operators looking to maximize the return from their investment in 3G networks, while increasing network capacity in response to the unprecedented demand for mobile data. Icera’s soft modem technology enables us to maintain a lead in modem performance, allowing our customers to respond quickly to operator demand for the latest technologies and providing end-users with a better Mobile Broadband experience.”

In related news, two weeks ago we talked about Icera’s dual-mode LTE/HSPA soft modem, which if you remember, can work both on existing HSPA and upcoming LTE networks.

[Via: CellularNews]

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