Paid Apps Making Debut in Canadian Android Market

Paid Android Apps in Canada

One of the biggest problems/hang-ups I’ve had with Android in Canada has been the lack of paid app action in the marketplace. For whatever reason, Google and the big Canadian carriers have had issues to sort out before paid apps were a go. Thankfully, it looks like those issues have been sorted, and paid apps are starting to appear. I should say, they’re starting to appear for folks on Rogers and Fido. Folks packing an Android device on TELUS and Bell have reported scant reports of paid apps making their debut.

Whatever the case, it looks like paid apps are now indeed rolling out across Canada in the Android Market. Needless to say this is awesome news.

Canadian Android aficionados, this is an open call to you all… Which carrier are you on, and do you have paid apps!? Let us know!

  • Maurice Uzan

    I have a milestone unlocked on Fido and nothing yet.

  • John

    I’ve got a Hero on TELUS and I don’t see paid apps. Is there supposed to be a new version of the Market or will they just appear in the list mixed in with all the free apps?

  • Craig

    I have a milestone on telus and I don’t see any paid apps.

  • Adam

    I have a TELUS milestone and I am seeing paid apps in the Android Market

  • Angelo

    I have an HTC Magic with Rogers, and I am starting to see a few Paid apps coming through(Just themes and such for now).

  • Gabriel

    I have a Samsung Galaxy with Bell and was able to find paid apps in the marketplace today. Finally!

  • tygarprawns

    Now all we need is a 32 GB micro sd card to boot!

  • Nico

    I’ve got Paid App on my Magic with Rogers. It’s a pain having to wade through all the crap searching for paid apps.

    You can change the view of apps by hitting Menu and chasing Paid Apps only. Found that out by playing around….

  • Nico

    ^ I meant to say ‘chosing’ not chasing.

  • John

    Paid apps are now showing up on my Hero with TELUS… guess it just took a bit of time to flow through.

  • Mike

    Saw paid apps on my Milestone last night

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