A closer look at Windows Phone 7 Series and Microsoft Office Hub

If you’ve been keeping up with Windows Phone 7 Series, you probably already know that the mobile operating system’s completely re-thought start screen is its greatest weapon against the grid-based, app-filled homescreen designs that have been proliferating throughout the smartphone space for the past few years. So, we thought we’d give you another look at the WP7 “Start Screen” and it’s hub-tastic layout with this here HD video. We also take a look at the Microsoft Office Hub that includes OneNote note-taking features, document management, and SharePoint access.

You’ll notice that the hub-based homescre, er, Start screen changes the way a smartphone user interacts with the information on their handset. Each hub centralizes features and apps according to their function. The media hub gives you access to media, but will also integrate music apps like Pandora, for example. Each “tile” on the Start screen is animated and dynamically updates itself based on the number of pending notifications/messages, who you most recently called, and what music you’ve been listening to. There’s also the slick Office integration through the aptly-named Office Hub.

  • PineRoot

    That is beautiful, can’t wait to try it out. I’ve used WebOS, Android, and WinMo. I’ve always returned to my WinMo, somethings about it I just couldn’t give up (the home screen one of them).

  • Gustav

    This phone looks to be the real deal. I’ll definitely have to look into buying one. I’ve heard they are very reliable phones.

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