Windows Phone 7 lamely targets ‘life maximizers’

As if the term “Windows Phone 7 Series” wasn’t lame enough, Microsoft is pushing its latest operating system at “life maximizers.”

What exactly is a life maximizer? Well, Microsoft has created elaborate characters that illustrate ideal WP7S customers. They are nearing their 40s, have white collar jobs, need Exchange support but still want to be able to use Facebook and GMail. In other words, a mobile professional who wants to use their device for work and play. I have news for you Microsoft: the target that wants that work/play balance is essentially every smartphone owner. I’m sick of companies carving out such narrow niches for their devices – Palm’s mom ads for the Pre were disgusting – because the work/play elements should be table stakes by now. The major platforms should have no problem switching between a mobile version of Outlook and Gmail, or being able to play 3D games. You can differentiate with your hardware and application ecosystem.

Oh yeah, feel free to tell me what platform you think “life minimizers” use.

[Via Engadget]

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