Check out the Windows Phone 7 Series ad

The first ad for Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 Series has hit the tubes of the Internet and it’s actually pretty good. It shows how the new operating system can handle the day-to-day wants and needs of people like me, you know, “life maximizers.”

All jabs aside, it’s a nice introduction to the software giant’s vision of its latest OS. However, I can’t help but notice some similarities to Palm’s latest ad campaign. Check out Palm’s video below and let us know what you think.

[Via Everything Pre]

  • matthew

    Putting aside the inane “life maximizers” tag (MS ad people are SO behind the curve), the add is pretty good. I love the clean look of the OS. I have to say that the lady in red and Mos Def wins hands down, though, for originality and hotness.

  • Joey

    Microsoft is boring. It’s like comparing Oprah (Microsoft) and Beyonce (Palm).

    I go for the lady in red every day of the week no questions asked.

  • Marin Perez

    “It’s like comparing Oprah (Microsoft) and Beyonce (Palm).”

    Don’t know about that one, Beyonce’s actually successful. I kid Palm, love their ad more.

  • Chris P

    Mate, theres absolutely no relevance to the two videos, the only similarity is that they are touchscreen phones. The Palm ad is focused on a younger audience than the ‘life maximisers’.

    I really like the Palm ad for its simplicity though.

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