Koodo Mobile Launches LG Banter

Koodo LG Banter

The good folks at Koodo Mobile have released a new device. The LG Banter is now available, for $125 contract-free with $0 on ‘The Tab’. The Banter is a slider QWERTY with 1.3MP camera, an MP3 player, Bluetooth, microSD expansion to 16GB and more. The Banter also allows for exchangeable face plates. Included in the box are grey, blue and purple plates that you can use to change the color of the Banter, depending on your mood 😛

For whatever reason Koodo has launched the Banter at a savings of $25 (regular $150), plus, any online orders will receive free shipping. The device is available in a silver and black combo, or, well, actually it’s just available in the silver and black 🙂

For more information hit up Koodo Mobile.

  • Terri

    can someone help me? I am trying to change the face/back plate on my new phone and can’t get the back piece off…is there a trick to this?

    • Andy

      its easy, if you're looking at the back of your phone (with the camera at the top) just slide the back of the phone upwards, it should slide off.

    • airbud

      what you do is use your thumb and on the bottom of the faceplate there is an arrow pointing up..well use your thumb and push the plate up and it should come off…hope i was a help..good luck…..also i was wondering if you could help me.does the LG banter have video??if so how do u get to it?

    • salsa

      yeah. well i dont know if your trying to pop it off or not if you are stop. you have to slide it off. if you've tried that i suggest getting it looked at. it is probably stuck.

  • jennifer

    how do you put pics that you take on your camera onto the comp!? i tried getting the memory chip out but it just wont budge! i don't wanna break it. HOW DO I GET IT OUT!?

  • ashely

    how can i get messenger on lg banter ?

  • Poohgirl91

    Push it in gently a little ways, then it will pop out so you can just slide it out.

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