T-Mobile HTC HD2 gets sold early, gets unboxed

The March 24th launch date for the US variant of the HTC HD2 is closing in and we’re just days away from seeing the king of all Windows Mobile phones hitting the streets in all its big-screened glory. That also means T-Mobile stores across the country have already begun to stock HD2 inventory. For most of you, it’s all about playing the waiting game from here on in. For one lucky HD2 fan, though, the wait is over – JDMiPhoner just posted a video to YouTube, showing off his very own T-Mobile HD2.

According to JDMiPhoner, he managed to snag the HTC HD2 at a Walmart in Vancouver, WA. And, in the spirit of showing off his shiny new toy, he posted videos online to walk us through the unboxing, the initial setup, the voice command feature, and the bundled Blockbuster streaming video and mobile TV apps. The Blockbuster app was a no-go at the time the video was recorded, but we do get a good look at the mobile TV app and smooth live TV playback.

The sales reps at the Walmart apparently didn’t know that they weren’t allowed to sell this particular handset until later this week, so don’t go in to your local Walmart expecting to pick up a pre-release TMo HD2.

Now, the question is: how many of you out there are willing to pull the trigger on a brand new Windows Mobile smartphone – albeit the best Windows Mobile handset to ever come to market – knowing full well that Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Phone 7 Series platform will never be made available to your HD2? Does the possibility of an HTC HD3 with Windows Phone 7 Series pre-loaded make you think twice about going with T-Mobile’s HD2?

Hit the jump to see the rest of JDMiPhoner’s T-Mobile HTC HD2 videos.

  • matthew

    Thanks for posting. These are great videos. The HD2 looks really great. I also wonder about whether it’s worth picking it up without the ability to upgrade to Windows Phone 7 later this year. I wonder if it’s anything like getting the best XP computer before Vista dropped.

  • Plazmic Flame

    To be honest, any true fan of WinMo won’t have any problem deciding whether to get this or not. If anyone hasn’t noticed yet Windows Phone 7 Series (WP7S) is the equivalent of what Apple has done with the iPhone OS. WP7S is completely locked down…sadly M$ has gone the way of Apple which is the complete opposite of what Windows Mobile stood for. I’m not sure if M$ will be supporting the WinMo platform after WP7S is released but due to the depth of customization in WinMo, for sure the community will keep the platform alive for years to come. I will definitely be getting this phone.

  • Ryan

    @ Patrick –

    Dude, that post is over a month a half old. MS confirmed less than a week ago HD2 will not be getting the WP7 update. Sorry kid. Google News that ish son.

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