Showdown: Sprint HTC EVO 4G vs T-Mobile HTC HD2

With everyone (ourselves included) hemming and hawing about how the HTC EVO 4G improved on the HTC HD2 with a dash of 4G WiMAX and a sprinkle of 8-megapixels on the camera, it only makes sense that we show you what the two media-savvy smartphones look like side-by-side. What you see here are the T-Mobile HTC HD2 lined up next to the Sprint HTC EVO 4G (Supersonic). The differences between the two devices are slight, but they sure do make a lot of difference.

Here’s what you’re seeing in the photos. The EVO 4G is slightly thicker than the HD2 – thanks to the extra 4G WiMAX and HDMI-port hardware within the EVO. The battery is the same size in both phones. The EVO sports a snappier 8-megapixel camera that doesn’t show any noticeable shutter lag and boasts a refined camera control interface that makes the HD2’s already impressive camera look a little dated. You’ll also notice the EVO red-colored battery compartment that lies hiding from view until you’re ready to show off the goods. We call it cellphone “lingerie.” The headphone jack has also moved from the bottom of the HD2 to the top of the EVO. Oh, and you can’t forget the EVO’s kickstand.

All in all, the subtle differences make a big difference when considering the whole package. So, which handset would you choose? Does having a swappable SIM card in the HD2 mean enough to keep you from switching to Sprint for the EVO 4G?

  • GbrilliantQ

    That evo looks thicker. The kickstand is a cheap gimmick that will most likely never be used and or break if used enough. A top mounted headphone jack is an awful place to have a cord running.

    I’ll be in line waiting for my HD2 today at T-Mo. Congrats Sprint users on a BA phone.

    • Patrick

      How is a kickstand for a video-centric phone a gimmick? I call it a nice feature if not a must-have.

    • Joseph

      i think the evo is just a cheap copy of the HD2 the kick stand is really not gonna be used nd the android (OS) doesnt do Windows which is very useful

    • w0by

      you don't like a top mounted cable? What, do you put your phone upside down in your pocket so the phone isn't laying on the jack? odd.

  • wirecup

    Other blogs are reporting that the EVO “landscape mode” is only for video or movies. Is this a big difference?

  • Thom

    Duh. HD2 all the way. 5 and 8 megapixels is negligible on a phone. You dont see the difference. Phones arent ready for 8 megapixel cams and up. Google it. Kickstand… pass? Anywhere id have my phone on a kickstand id prolly have my laptop or tv close. Sure as hell not going to kickstand on my lap. 4G? My wifi works blazing fast. A patch came out to stop the picture delay. So that leaves what to be desired? A phone that i cant unlock later when im finally done and still sell for 500 bucks? How about no, Sprint. Enjoy that.

    • Erron

      HTC EVO is better than the HTC HD2 for one main reason only, EVO is ANDROID and HD2 is WINDOWS MOBILE…… All the Features are a bit similar….. Windows Mobile has history of freezing and compatibility problems also. Can’t save your contacts to Gmail, Yahoo mail, ECT. On Windows Mobile Like you can with Android and Apple OSX. And there is not even software that comes with the Windows Mobile phones to transfer data to.

      • blameitonthealc

        I want the HD2 yet I’d rather have the Nexus but that is so sketchy…HD2 doesn’t have DROID so theres no point in having that phone. but I understand the logic Evo vs HD2, makes sense….I need tmobile to step it up

    • SuRFAddIct

      Too bad the HD2 runs on WinMO. WInMo ruins the HD2. Sorry but the EVO blows away the HD2 by a long shot. You are just either in denial or jealous!

  • Cedric Dzameshie

    will the HTC HD2 ever run the android market..? thw windows mobile market has like 700+ apps…and thats not much.

    • Audel Rouhi

      Yes, but andriod 2.1 can be dual booted onto htc hd2, allowing you to choose between andriod or winmo 6.5, or if you choose, you can dual boot win7, and andriod. But all in good time when andriod gets ported. also evo does have hd video recording i must point out, 1 good thing about it!

    • saephanh

      download the Omarket!!! free apps all day!

  • ?1?

    I think the EVO is the way to go. I don’t think I’d like to be driving around looking for a wi-fi hot spot so that I can blaze through the web on my phone. I think the little kick stand gig is cool. I do have kids and when we are at restaurants waiting for the food to be served I find myself using the ketchup or a cup to hold my phone at an angle so the kids can watch a video or movie. Sprint!

    • ?1?

      Oh, did I mention the 4G for Sprint??? I’d have it over anything T-mo any day!

      • josh

        hd2 is def the way to go. tmobile will have there new 3.5g(HSPA+) network out by the middle of this year. which in the future will be faster then sprints 4g, cause there network is upgradeble and backwords compatable with exsiting phones.the evolutionary path for HSPA+, there’s an opportunity to upgrade the network to even faster speeds in the future — 42 Mbps, 84 Mbps, or even 168 Mbps — so there’s a roadmap to match LTE over a significant amount of time.”

  • krush22

    Hold on!! Not so Fast! Verizon is also a player in the HTC market.. Expect the unexpected from them. T-Mobile has great phones but poor signal loss network capabilities in a lot of areas, especially while traveling. Sprint HTC. A high tech network for your high tech phone. That’s the bottom line between these two. Today’s Tech is tomorrows old school..

  • Stephen Fortner

    I’m currently trying out an HD2, and formerly I was using an iPhone 3GS. Have played around with Android as well, and so far, it looks like an Android phone would suit my needs better. The HD2 hardware is very nice, though.

    WHY, WHY, WHY, doesn’t someone make a smartphone in this configuration that:

    1. Runs Android.
    2. Runs on a CDMA network in the States (i.e. Verizon or Sprint)
    3. Includes a GSM radio and SIM slot for use with prepaid SIM cards while overseas.

    I travel a lot, and when choosing a phone, it seems like my choice is between the substandard GSM performance in the US, or needing another phone entirely when I’m overseas. Plus, I refuse to pay U.S. carriers’ ridiculously inflated international rates.

    This does put one point in favor of T-Mobile: If you have service with them for 90 days or more, they’ll unlock your phone. Whoever’s network is the fastest, it says a lot for their corporate culture that they’re the least “Big Brother” of the U.S. cellphone carriers.

    • VICTOR


    • K thakur

      RE: having both CDMA within the country and option to switch to GSM while traveling internationally –

      dunno bout sprint but the verizon touch pro2 has that option. it works on CDMA here in the US but while out you can put in a gsm card.

    • Don Randolph

      I agree with your three requests 100%. You would think that someone would see the market and have jumped on it by now. I am tending towards the EVO because of the Droid applications. You think they will make one that is MIDI compatible with keyboards?

  • Brian Lacy

    There are four great reasons that every potential HD2 customer ought to take another look at the Evo 4G:

    1. Android is an Amazing platform, fully open, constantly evolving, and a joy to develop for. They’ve also got a great head-start over WinMo7. There will *always* be FAR more Apps for the Evo than for the HD2 (last I noticed, there were like 20k+ to WinMo’s sub-1000.

    2. For those who dismissed the 3MP difference in camera quality, consider this — the Evo supports full 720p HD Recording and Playback. No other phone on the market offers this remarkable capability.

    3. 4G (WiMax). For those lucky enough to live in a WiMax area this should be a hands-down choice — Sprint’s WiMax offers something like 10x the bandwidth of 3G. T-Mo is a ways off yet from even having a viable 4G network, let alone a phone to run on it.

    4. That brings us to Carrier. Always an important consideration. I love T-Mo’s general approach to things, but the fact is they’re way behind in coverage and tech. If you live in a major metro area and never plan to travel, you’ll be fine — otherwise, Sprint’s a much better choice.

    I don’t expect 4G to come to my town any time soon, but I’ll be purchasing an Evo on release day regardless.

    • Jack

      2; yes it does.
      I have the Samsung i8910 HD; the first phone to support 720p HD Recording and Playback, so point 3 is void.

  • Brandon

    I bought an HTC HD2 2 days ago and I am BLOWN AWAY!!! This phone has FAR exceeded my expectations and WinMo 6.5 isn’t bad neither, especially when its COMPLETELY covered up by the Sense UI! I had a G1 previous to purchasing this phone so I am VERY familiar (and satisfied) with the Android OS and a part of me does wish the HD2 was running the OS (like the EVO 4G) but honestly, that’s neither here nor there. This phone WILL be upgradeable to WinMo 7 (confirmed independently by T Mobile and HTC) and T Mobile will have they’re new 3.5g(HSPA+) network soon so in my opinion both the HD@ and the EVO 4G along with T Mobile and Sprint will cancel eachother out in regard to benefit. All in all, you can’t go wrong with EITHER of these devices!!! HTC is all over it!!!

    • Ryan

      I'm sorry to tell you, but the HTC HD2 will NOT be upgradable to Windows Mobile 7. The HD2 doesn't meet the criteria for a Windows Phone 7 smartphone (ie. 5 dedicated hardware buttons etc.) This was confirmed by Microsoft. Sorry. 🙁 HD2 is still pretty good though. 🙂

  • eric

    how would we be able to get android market on the t-mobile htc hd2

  • HareDroid

    WM6, Is awful… Tmobile Is awful. Even though they look the same its like comparing a 300 C To an Rolls Royce. Its just not possible. The “new” network tmobile is rolling out lol is ajoke… They still havent put everyone one in 3g.


      The funny thing is, NO CARRIER covers 100% of the nation in 3G. And t-mobile’s 3G network will be faster than sprints 4G network. LOL!

      • guru

        G-network (3 or 4) is over-hyped. Wifi will always be faster. Only in an area where you are not around wifi would 4G make any sense. My $.02! 🙂

      • drksilenc

        actually ur wront there phone freak… you do realize that they have another revision of wimax ready for roll out as we speak. it brings speeds of 40+ constant to the table as of right now the reason why there isnt that high of speeds on wimax is because there is no reason for it to be faster. there is no other competition in the market for mobile internet that goes anywhere near the constant 7mbps that wimax has.

    • long-dong-silver

      wow someone is not a tmo fan……what a liar u are haredroid. tmo is one of the best carriers out there dumbass. u must work for at&t. i have never had a better network that what tmo offers…and a its not 300c to an rolls royce dipshit its 300 c to a bentley get your car comparisons right

  • oska

    I just have something very general to say…
    These phones are selling out at alarming rate!With all the anticipation of pryor sell outs why!? Why is this phone not overstocked to the retailers especially where it sold out before.If i was marketing these things i would at least have them available.I should not have to comb the state to find one.This makes about three times it has sold out.I’m annoyed,cause i can’t get it,and i am entitled to a full upgrade,and you know what it takes to be awarded that status.
    Then why shouldn’t i dump you guys and go Iphone!? at least there available!

    • curt1480

      The HTC EVO does not release till June 4th, so what are you talking about sold out? This phone is worth the wait. I will get one on release day, even though Kansas City now has 4g, my home is outside the coverage. I would have to say, that if I was not with Sprint, I sure would switch for this phone and the cost of their plan. I tried to switch to Att and T-Mobile. Att coverage on voice calls sucks….Iam sorry to say it is at best spotty especially in small cities. T-Mobile on the other hand is nearly non-existent for both voice and data. Oh and I don't know about every where but in KC MO T-Mobile Android phone is twice as slow as my Sprint Windows 6.1 phone….now that's saying alot. I must say T-Mobile pricing is about the same as Sprints individual pricing. However I can go from Washington DC to California and surf on 3g. Now the only carrier left is Verizon, until you compare a single or family plan with data. Then you have to ask your self, do I travel enough to pay 60, 80, or 100 dollars more a month to justify needing 3g in some rule part of Montana. I think not and in today's economy, I am not giving my money to a stupid politician or a greedy cell phone company. Oh I forgot in the time it took me to type this Sprint just added two more towers to the KC metro area map for 4g

  • viji

    front facing cam !! good for teleconferencing or skype.

  • andy433

    I would like to know Please does the T-Mobile HTC 2 HD,have adobe flash player. Thank you please respond asap

    • saephanh

      skyfire has built in flash

  • Barcelona

    andy433, you have internet access then why don't you look it up ? LOL .. HD2 or EVO 4G.. they're both under HTC.. no difference but features and your dollars. the phones are designed to last you a long time so pick one that meets your current all around needs don't get it just to show off people, friends and family because you've got the S H I T in your hands tomorrow you'll be thinking and regret your purchase when you see and find out that a newer version of the next gen phone is released.. so be proud and think wisely. dont get overwhelmed on things and tech too much.

  • DopeBoyGhost

    ive had my hd2 since day 1 and i can tell you all my expectations have been met i love this phone and would not trade it for any and i had iphone and the g1 as previous phone. iphone is a phone for noobs to smartphones and android is ok yea alot of pointless apps i dont find it interesting wm might have its cons just like any other os but i find it more useful to my needs then anyother os. the only thing i can give the evo over the hd2 is the front facing camera and the 8 mega pixel camera which wont make a big difference. the fact the evo plays 720p hd videos. well i have a ps3 and a 36inch lcd samsung i think i can live with enjoying 1080p on that.

  • Melissa

    Love Spring but love my HD2 better.

  • Ismael

    Im sorry if it looks spammy but Im selling a new EVO (completely new, in the box), coming from Google IO.

    If anyone is interested just drop me an email:

  • Jason

    T-Moble is planning to buy Sprint that is right

    • Katarina Connors

      This is not true, thought about it though.

  • Jamie

    T-Mobile May Buy Sprint to Create Market Giant

  • Perry

    I'm the owner of sprint and sprint is not for sale

    • bob

      shut up u aint no owner of nuttin

      • Ryan

        nailed him……….

  • robbiepedals

    Something not taken into consideration in this argument I think is price
    the EVO IS 300 with a 100 dollar mail in rebate
    the HD2 under a new contract is 99.99 or 199.99 with a new contract or upgrading
    Also the monthly bill for sprint would be more, the “mobile router” is an extra 29.99 and phone protection is 7.00 extra a month. Providing you dont get everything your bill be be right at 90.00 with the Evo, and around 75 with the HD2 I’ve called and chatted with both seeing as I have the ability to upgradeon t-mobile or cancel and go Sprint.
    The money factor was something I had to consider.
    OVERALL I do think the HTC Evo is a better phone, that I really do.
    However, I think a LOT of people are turning their heads on the possibilities of the HD2 as soon as they see windows mobile, a lot of people are mildly bias toward android 2.1 and on, and for good reason, it does trump windows.
    I am a MAJOR fan of Sense, and do think the right people are going to crack the HD2 to allow it to dual boot any operating system out there.

    I think the Evo will be a great stock phone
    I think the HD2 will be a lot of fun to hack and with those possibilities, can outdo the Evo, maybe not right away, but potential is existant.

    • crazedcat

      what you said is false the evo is 199.99 just like the hd2

      • Gamefreak92989

        no the evo is 449.99 then you have 100.00 mail in rebate that take 6-8 weeks to get if you do the paperwork right then you have the higher plan price and have to deal with sprint

  • BacchusHTC

    I purchased a HD2 and i love it, it is quick little thing, but one that i don't like is all the complaints about the software, sure the Microsoft certified games and software are few, but this is not WP7, it's still 6.5 and you can go to places like freewarepocketpc, freewareppc and xdadevelopers for software and games, so officially the Iphone has more certified games, but if you included all the home brew games and software and not just certified ones the numbers of "apps" for the WM6.5 is far more than the Iphone, and my wife has a G1, she loves it and the apps. but sense Iphone has more "Apps" than the G1, my Windows Mobile phone will have so many more applications that neither two phones will ever get, but unless a hack is ever made to WP7 software i will never upgrade my HD2 to the 7 software

    Just so you know i have no problems with linux, my primary os for all of my pcs are linux and i love it, but the costomization for the phone is not par with the desktop/server os, i am sure in the future it will, but i am not looking at the future i am looking at the now.

  • josh

    download skyfire web browser on the hd2 and you gonna have fully flash on your phone

  • I Pawn I

    Say what u want Windows Mobile is for Adults and Smarts
    Android for Teens and Noobs… I had my HD2 since it release.
    its a pretty cool phone.. just wish it had a keyboard.. Like my tricked out TP2
    Running Android 2.1 Hero rom .. And yes errything works :wifi:sound:bluetooth: errything
    o will release it bug fix july 21 2010… so keep it hush for now
    back to the evol nice cam nice vidRecord in HD nice snap processor
    4G just a hype not all that had a friend test it out in Las Vegas.
    not that fast wifi smacks all…. For The Price of srvs Tmobile all the way

    • Ryan

      How dare you insult us youngins! I am 19 and I love winmo. Im like you old folks. Except im not old 😀 Anyway winmo is awesome end of story.

    • boston

      now you said that
      WindowMobile is for older generation and more business related n those that cant handle the andriod tech
      Andriod is for the younger generation that accepts technology at its finest in a fast growing rate. handheld wise
      you cant teach an old dog new tricks(unless u hack the c r a p out of it) smart vs noob? more like old vs new

  • Tiera

    i am SUPER EXCITED that the HTC EVO is coming out tomorrow.. i have Sprint and have had them for a long time. Regardless of all the techinal differences i like that fact that sprint DOESN'T have sim cards.. that way if my phone is lost NOBODY can use it once i call sprint and they mark that specific phone as STOLEN!

    • Dkcarmona

      I have Sprint and my phone has a Sim card.  The World Phones (International) phones have SIM Cards

  • Martin

    HD2 baby!!!! Somethings that can be done to the HD2 is cahnging the ROM and ad some cabs. This will boost your HD2 and make it more enjoyable…HD2 all the way !!!!!!

  • TechMan2012

    WOW Most of you T mobile fans really defend your HD2 LOL. Ignorance is bliss isnt it when you are dumbed down to really believe your HD2 is better than the EVO. Iam not mad at you because as the EVO blows past you all of you will still be stuck on stupid loving your HD2. Waste of time even telling u why EVO is better.


      “Waste of time even telling u why EVO is better?” It’s more like a waste of your brain for not knowing anything.

    • Gamefreak92989

      i work for sprint and the EVO is the complained about more than any phone other than a blackberry

  • poop stains

    htc hd2 all the wat baby lmfao

  • Nikki

    I hate my HD2 I'm on the 3rd one from Tmobile. They offered me a blackberry as a replacement I turned it down. I wish I wasn't stuck in this contract I'd move to sprint and get an EVO.

  • harry

    hey, just one simple question:
    does htc evo 4g have a sim card slot?

  • Seumas

    I like the EVO's features, but I will not own a phone that I cannot unlock and use as I feel. I don't like to be locked in to anything. So I went with the HD2, so far so good, but you do have to do a few registry hacks right off the bat in my opinion to make it more usable. Also, the hackers are already porting Android to the HD2, you can check their progress over at in the forum section. This is where sim card based phones are great, you can unlock, super cid them and then install whatever rom you want. True freedom with your phone.

  • Ryan

    Im going to go with the HD2. I got it for 50 bucks with a two year contract with tmo. I love winmo. They might not have many apps but those 700 are pretty cool. I loved alot of them. And I managed to turn my USB into a TV out. I do wish the HD2 had a camera on the front and had a kickstand. The kick stand would be cool for camera chat. I am an international student so I travel to europe and japan quite frequently. I am from Maine and Maine doesn't have sprint service. I would say that the evo has a couple things that the hd2 lacks. But in my given situation and including many things I didn't list., id say go with whichever phone fits your situation best. And depending on the area tmo has awesome reception and their customer service is top knotch. They aren't like others that I know of. HD2 4tw! Oh and winmo has tens of thousands of apps as well. They just arent in the marketplace. You can easily down kick ass apps that coders make all the time that are profesionally done. pardon my typos too. Simply google them and download and install. Not hard at all. There are even mods out there that wont mess up your phone which I did to my hd2 that can make your winmo phone look like an android. There are even conversion apps to make android apps to work on your winmo. And when win 7 hits and tmo gets the HD3 thatll send android and the evo running for their money. But I dont know why the incredible isnt on here its a good phone too and verizon is decent besides how they act like Bank of America and charge for everything. Tmo doesnt charge for tethering and they have cheaper plans. nuff said do whatever fits your situation the best.

  • Mark

    ok bottom line:
    HD2 can do 720p…it's the OS that can't handle it as of now.
    Evo has a dedicated GPU, which makes a difference in graphics heavy apps…however, HD2 can handle graphics heavy apps and games pretty well also, expecially with some tweaking…
    Fact is WinMo 6.5.3 is far more powerful, and tech-savvy then most people realize (and this is coming from someone who had Android for over a year and rooted and customized it) and it trumps android and iphone as far as everything you can do with it…it just takes some firguring out first.
    8 MP is better than 5, I don't care what anyone says about phones handling it or not…and the front facing cam is definitely a plus but not a deal breaker
    I like being able to unlock MY PHONE THAT I PAID FOR…it's essential to continue to upgrade to the next Great Phone to be able to sell the current one unlocked on eBay or wherever…
    Android 2.2 is now avaliable for HD2 as a dual-boot setup with WinMo…
    They both have similar processor power…
    T Mobile's 3G may not have the best coverage, but when it is avaliable my full web pages load nice and fast on my HD2 so the 4g appeal is minimal for me…

  • 4g on This!

    I enjoy my Evo 4g, besides being a better phone it has a front & rear camera for video chat.

  • boston

    ok lets step away from what the phone cant or can do. Lets discuss the problems

    i currently use both the HTC HD2 and my almighty HTC EVO 4G. I'm not sure if its the interface or its the windows mobile but the response on the HD2 is completely horrible. i would have to tap a link or an app atleast twice or more times for it to respond. While the EVO is very responsive but at times it would lag due to to much apps open. While i never had a problem answering a call on the HD2 maybe once or twice out of a week i would get a call on my EVO but it wont pick up or hang up or anything but vib my ringtone.
    My main complaint about the HD2 is the internet issues or maybe its just my phone but every now and then or mayb 3-4 days out the week my internet just dosent want to work and have me constantly restarting the phone or when it gets too bad i have to restore back to factory setting.(not cool) And VERYY inconvenient.
    while i dont have much complaints for the EVO unless i start working the phone harder n the kickstand starts to get hot because of the phone gettin hot. uhhh so does the screen. good for the winter?

    And yes there is Andriod for the HD2 for those who wish to use it. i dont know how but in Asia there is many HD2 that has been converted from windows mobile to andriod. Proven. Google it yourself. and why does windows mobile update gotta go thru a pc?

    battle of the 4.3" 1ghz processors
    EVO > HD2

  • sam

    the htc hd2 is a good phone. the camera and video camera work great. one of the better ones i've seen on unlocked phones. i love the games and apps this phone has too. not as many great apps as unlocked iphones have but i don't need that many. the battery could last a little longer. i got this one from thinking about upgrading to the iphone 4 once they fix all the glitches in it.

  • josh

    for those of you who havent noticed the similarities yet, its the same EXACT phone. everyone knows that after 5 megapixel, jumping to 8 is just a subtle difference. those who really care about picture quality will most likely carry around a slr. the evo can be better but after Miri's hd2 rom flash and froyostones 2.2 android firmware rom, it will pretty much be better or exactly same as the evo.


    The EVO is just a clone of the HD2 but with the Android OS and CDMA technology to Sprint. Why Sprint? Sprints suck with coverage. Verizon would of been a better pick instead. But still, both phones are great and have their own pros and cons depending on the person’s needs. Windows Mobile is for people who wants the same feel of their PC at home/business for on the go. Android is for people who wants the games/social networking for on the go, in other words, less business oriented and it’s more for teens. And also, the EVO should have a few better features(HDMI output/720HD video recoding) than HD2 because it came out after it. Duh! Technology changes and new features are added every time when a new phone comes out. If the EVO came out the same time the HD2 did, it won’t even have those features. Common sense people.

    Why is there always a bunch of haters on Windows Mobile? Don’t know how to use it? It lags/freezes at times? Then get a Motorola Razr. If you don’t know how to use a PC and it is slows at times because of too many junks/spy-wares on it then Windows Mobile is not for you.

  • Nperezp

    como puedo cambiar el Idioma al htc evo 4G (del Ingles al Español)

  • Raymondsell84

    whats interesting to me is how many of you have facts? In my opinion I see alot of dedication to your service provider, and some animosity in relation. Sprint and T-mobile are both known for their economic relation to the lower income. Sprint has been around much longer, and has a better hand in the pot of tech. T-mobile is more of a kids theme company. “lets catch the dumb before they learn”. I was there, I had T-mobile first and reception sucked, I always dropped calls. Thats because they share with AT&T. Then I got sprint, great reception, even where verizon is not available. Thats because in roaming sprint has rights to share signal with verizon and they also have their own nationwide setup. As for internet, sprint cast the first advancment, that leaves room for even further bounds. T-mobile has a very fast 3G but the connection is extremely limited to demographics. Sprint has 3G speeds everywhere sprint or verizon has reception and 4G in sprint hot spots. Do some research and stop trying to defend your service provider. Your just a number to them, and these forums are for people trying to make a good decision, not participate in an argument.

    • Hellokitty

      I’ve had T-Mobile for a long time and I get better reception than people at work who have ATT and Sprint.  To be honest a person has Verizon and only they get better reception than all of us.

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