Digg’s official iPhone app rocks!

Almost missed this, but it’s important so we’re going with it even if it’s kinda late…

Digg got an official iPhone app, allowing users to do pretty much everything they can on the website from the comfort of their iPhone and iPod Touch. You can read latest stories, digg or bury them, and of course add your two cents to each of the stories. The application is super easy to use and is not “yet another RSS reader” with Digg functionality, taking mobile social news to the next level.

It was made by TapTapTap using (as expected) Digg’s API. To celebrate the launch, TapTapTap is giving away Digg-branded iPads, one each day for two weeks. Every single unit of Apple’s tablet device was made by the good folks of Colorware, which as you can see, decided to support another Steve’s creation…

Enough said. A short demo video will explain Digg’s iPhone app much better than I could. It follows after the jump. Enjoy!

And before I let you go, Digg said an Android version of the application is in works as we speak… 😉

Digg (FREE) [iTunes link]

  • Tyron

    I was as it is excited for Digg new design and now digg iphone..
    I Installed and tried this application and love it… Though honestly expected it could be much better

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