Sprint releases HTC EVO 4G Developer’s Guide for eager Android devs

Can’t wait to get your hands on Sprint’s upcoming WiMAX-capable HTC EVO 4G? Are you looking to take it the extra step and actually code Android apps for the power-packed smartphone formerly known as the HTC Supersonic? Well, you’re in luck. Sprint has just released their HTC EVO 4G Developer’s Guide to help third party Android devs build out applications for the handset ahead of its launch later this year. The guide should give some insight into how to take advantage of the EVO’s high-end features – the WiMAX radio, the secondary camera, and of course the HDMI-out port.

The EVO 4G will already come pre-loaded with customized versions of the Qik and Layar Android apps, which take full advantage of the phone’s capabilities. But, that’s not going to be enough to satisfy the legions of Android fans who will be flocking to the smartphone for its multimedia prowess. To that end, Sprint is looking to spark development for what will likely turn out to be their hottest phone of 2010. The only question is, will the forward-facing camera be used for video conferencing?

Find the Sprint HTC EVO 4G Developer’s Guide in its entirety here.

This is what HDMI-out looks like on the EVO 4G:

[Via: PocketNow]

  • colton king

    hey sprint,
    i cant wait untill the hc evo comes out. i have a few questions. i was wondering when the phone was coming out and how much it will be when it comes out?

  • Billy Banks

    It’s too bad verizon is not going to have it.

    • Phil

      Yes, I agree. If only Verizon had this phone… the monthly plan would be $30 more expensive and it wouldn’t be a 4G phone because Verizon won’t even start testing those until 2011.

      What is Sprint 3-4 years behind everyone on? Name one phone on the market currently from any carrier that will do half as much as the Evo will be able to.

      • Marcus

        Where are you getting the $30 more from? Sprint hasn’t released plan pricing for this phone yet. In fact, they made a point to say that they aren’t specifying plan price for EVO yet. Looking forward to this phone, and will preorder, but don’t count on the old 69.99 unlimited to apply to a 4G phone…

        • Informed

          There will not be any additional charges for 4G, currently Sprints 4G “unlimited” service works under their 3G plans. Sprint said it less maintenance to operate 4G as opposed to 3G.

  • Tammy

    Sprint! Great idea! You are only 3-4 *YEARS* behind other companies doing the same thing.

    Way to go!

    • steb0ne

      Late for what? What other US phone has a front facing camera with 4.3″ screen, 1GB Internal memory, HDMI Out, Snapdragon processor running Android?

      And what other companies could have released a Evo 4G developers kit, when it’s the 1st 4G phone in the US with a front facing camera with that kind of horse power? Because Google releases the OS developers kit to all carriers and/or developers…

      “The Sprint 4G developer guide explains how to develop on an Android 2.1 handset and how to take advantage of 4G and unique hardware/software capabilities, including how to use a forward-facing camera in an app; how to use HDMI output; and how to build in network detection (3G, 4G or Wi-Fi) to optimize quality of data in an app. The Sprint 4G developer also will include sample apps and source code that highlight these features. It will supplement the Android 2.1 SDK”

      Google Verizon Droid development kit… You’ll find all references of it come from Google, not Verizon.

      Seems pretty logical to me… I expect since u reference 3-4 years behind you’re referring to iPhone development, yet even that come directly from Apple, NOT SPRINT!

      So, please enlighten me Tammy

    • Informed

      I would like to know as well, what is Sprint “3-4 years behind on”?

      • JESSE

        Yeah Tammy! Speak up? What exactly is Sprint behind on here? They are the first to release a 4g phone and have 4g support in major markets!! Sounds like they are leading!

  • Tre

    i own it. . . . its amazing . . . ha ha

  • mklein

    "This is what HDMI-out looks like on the EVO 4G"…____No…it's more like "this is what hdmi-out on ONE PARTICULAR TV look like on the evo 4g"____I have found the picture quality to be garbage on many many HDTVs. I guess I will go to an electronics store and see if anything gives me a good picture. How I long for VGA out instead.

    • Joeblow

      um… perhaps its the content u should be questioning. what hdtvs have u been looking at?

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