HTC HD Mini and HTC Desire appear in O2 UK sales collateral

Nice and brief this one – the HTC HD Mini and the HTC Desire have been spotted making an appearance in the April edition of the O2 monthly magazine. This magazine is one that is effectively a polished-up sales brochure, which you’ll find in most, if not all, O2 stores. Anyway, moving on to big ticket items here – HTCs latest devices finally appear to be getting ranged on the O2 network!

O2 haven’t really shown their hand as regards the latest in the HTC range (HD Mini, Desire, Legend), but then again this isn’t a new approach from O2 – they do tend to want to get things ‘just so’ before making announcements, and I can some other handsets/devices previously where this has been the case. Now you could of course regard this as a good thing, since it points to more QC testing, but it’s not great when your mates on other networks have had their handsets (for weeks, or sometimes months) and are ‘taking the mickey’ out of you.

Let’s hope that going forward we see more and more HTC devices come out on O2, because right now they really are leading the pack in terms of features/hardware/services innovation!

[Via: Coolsmartphone]

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