Video: Apple iPad unboxing and initial setup

We just got our tired out bodies home from an overnight stint at the Palo Alto Apple Store, and we’ve got some Apple iPad video to show you. In this HD video, we go from unwrapping the iPad box to unboxing the tablet to setting up the iPad for its initial iTunes pairing process. From taking the plastic shrinkwrap off the box to getting the iPad up and running, we spent maybe 5 minutes. You’ll probably spend about the same amount of time, depending on what you decide to sync (songs, photos, videos, etc.) with your iPad.

So, what do you get for your hard-earned cash? Well, the box comes with just two accessories. You get the data cable and the charging brick. You get some documentation. And, of course, you get the iPad itself. The device is wrapped in classic Apple plastic protection. The brushed aluminum unibody casing is elegant and sexy while still being functional in its rigidity and build quality.

The rest of the iPad is classic Apple styling. There is only one button adorning the face of the tablet – the home button that takes you back to your homescreen. The frame is home to just a volume control rocker, rotation-lock switch, power button and 3.5mm headphone jack.

We’d have liked to have seen a thinner bezel surrounding the display, but we can certainly live with the iPad’s 9.7-inch high-resolution display. The homescreen rotates with buttery smooth ease and slides between panes without any lag. Best of all, the AppStore is already brimming with iPad-specific apps to help you fill your new tablet with content.

We’ll bring you more iPad coverage in a bit. For now, check out the unboxing and initial iPad setup video while we catch up on some shut-eye. We’ll be back soon!

  • Harsh agrawal

    Wow iPad is fascinating me with it’s design and as it is I’m a big fan of Apple products… Will get this one As soon as it will be available in my country

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