iPad WiFi issues arise – WiFi problems for Apple’s iPad?

Today isn’t a good day for Apple’s iPad PR team. As we said before, the iPad is a first-generation device. As such, it’s bound to have some problems that need some fixing. One of those problems has to do with the way the tablet charges through USB ports – take our poll on that issue here. The other problem currently plaguing iPad users today is the WiFi reception on the device. Apple’s support forums are filling fast with users reporting that they’re getting weak WiFi signal, or that they’re reception is fluctuating between the weak and strong while other devices are showing consistent signal strength.

The issue may be related to the iPad’s placement of its WiFi radio. The hardware antenna is located directly underneath the Apple logo, which adorns the brushed aluminum backside of the tablet. The antenna placement seems odd. It’s mounted in a location that we have to presume will usually be obscured by a lap, a desk, a bed, or even a hand – any of which could result in weaker WiFi reception.

It’s possible the reports are exaggerated, but it’s also possible that there’s a real problem with the iPad. A solution will likely require more than a simple software fix, but that would mean a massive iPad recall. We hope the problem can be resolved with a simple firmware update from Apple.

That said, we haven’t seen any WiFi issues with our own iPads. Are you experiencing any signal strength strangeness on yours? Take our poll!

It seems we do have iPad WiFi issues here at IntoMobile HQ. Two of our iPads are showing signal fluctuations and repeatedly drops the connection. “They better find a way to fix it,” says one miffed iPad users on the IntoMobile team.

There may be a correlation between non-Apple WiFi networks and weak iPad WiFi signals. Our Time Capsule is pushing wireless bits with strong signal to our iPads. The iPads connected to our Linksys wireless router are seeing signal fluctuations and dropped connections.

[Via: Apple]

  • Pete S

    We have a Time Capsule and the signal strength on my MacBook is 3 out 4 bars, 3 out of 3 bars on the iPhone and 1 out of 3 bars on the iPad in the same location…

  • Pete S

    Turning WiFi off and back on brought the iPad’s signal strength to 3 out 3 bars and occasionally dips to 2 out of 3 bars. Go figure…

  • orlando

    Like the first release iphone to the 4g iphone in june , people rush for the first release of the new ipad, always the first year it will be riddled with issues and APPLE will have to make UPDATES and fixes then.

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