Samsung Moment 2 Spotted with Sprint Branding and TouchWiz 3.0

The Moment, Samsung’s first Android handset, has been out only a few months, and we’re already seeing signs of the sequel. Apparently the specs will be mostly the same, but the Moment 2 will come loaded with Android 2.1 with Samsung’s new version 3.0 of TouchWiz. Although said custom UI elements we’ve seen on the Galaxy S will be there, the Super AMOLED screen will sadly not be making the cut for the Moment 2.

As far as Android phones on Sprint go, it will be hard to beat the HTC EVO 4G, but again, a lack of WiMAX coverage could be a deciciding factor for many buyers.  The Motorola i1, also running Android and to be available on Sprint, will likely stick to its industrial setting. For those who have already made the jump with the first Samsung Moment, don’t get too worried that the Moment 2 will entirely outclass you – word has it Android 2.0 will eventually find its way to the original.

We certainly look forward to seeing more of the Samsung Moment 2 to compare specs lines with its predecessor.

[WeRAndroid via BGR]

  • Johnathan Farmer

    Is lack of WiMax a factor for anyone else? Is there another 4G phone/network out there?

  • Asylum

    the lack of a amoled screen is because amoled takes up to 3x as much power to produce white vs a lcd screen , and most webpages/documents have a white background so the switch back to lcd should see a little improvement in battery life in real world conditions vs amoled and on top of that amoled is prone to material degradation over time and is also less brighter then lcds…and i doubt it will have the galaxy S specs but i would bet there is a improvement over the old one none the less, i would at least expect it to out perform the droid… i would say it probably has something like a 1ghz samsung designed arm cpu or who knows it might have something better…just gotta wait and see =]…

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