Sprint Airave’s successor to come with VoIP landline and EV-DO support

Femtocells are getting increasingly popular as operators on one end want to offload traffic from their networks, whereas users crave for a better in-house coverage. And while I (and many other folks) keep pushing for a free option — after all we extend operators’ networks — carriers keep asking for money for an additional device.

Anyway, Sprint will be revamping its Airave product, as noted by this page on FCC’s website. Apparently, the upgraded device will rock EV-DO support (finally) and will also come with a VoIP-routed landline connection. Now that’s a more compelling offering if you ask me. It’s not just a network extender, but also a brand new line. That’s actually in case you need one, otherwise I really don’t see a reason why would end users pay for poor performance of any operator’s network. I realize it can be a problem to cover in-house areas, but that’s not the problem consumers should be dealing with – carriers should install new and/or upgrade existing towers to solve this super-annoying issue.

Enough said. The point is – Airave’s successor has been blessed with FCC’s approval and we’ll most likely see it introduced in no time. Stay tuned…

[Via: Engadget]

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