XDA Devlopers app now available for Android

For those who might not know what XDA Developers is, it’s a site for HTC phones (with a couple of exceptions), and the forums hold all the hacks and mods you could think of. There are many more Windows Mobile phones in the XDA forums than anything, but Android also has a great presence, and this is the place to go to get your root/hack/mod on. Tapatalk has just released an application for Android, so you can browse the forums much easier!

The Nexus One XDA forum thread is on the top of my bookmarks. But now, with the new application, I no longer have to scroll to the bottom or the top of the page to go to the next page, everything is accessible to you on the screen. Next page, previous page, first and last page. It’s very simple, and there’s actually not much to say about it, but the XDA app for Android is a very welcome addition to one of my favorite forums on the net.

The only requirement for the application is that you need to be registered to post, or reply to a post. (Just like any other forum) Navigation is easy, with only four tabs on top: Latest, view the latest posts from the entire forum. Forums, which will allow you to sift through all of the forums for the many phones available on the site. Favorites, a very nice addition so you don’t have to scroll through tons of phones when you want to get at your device. More, here, you can access your private messages, see who’s online and even view your own profile. Unfortunately, you’re not able to edit your profile, but the option will probably become available in a later build.

For those of you using the application, how do you like it? Do you still use the website to access the forums?

  • Dan

    XDA didn’t release their own app. The app is Tapatalk and works with vbulletin ang phpbb forums. Did you actually use this or just steal the article from somewhere else?

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