iPhone 4.0 improves Mail, finally brings unified inbox

Apple seems to be hitting all the right notes with its iPhone 4.0 unveiling, as it has already shown off third-party multitasking, and it is also improving the mail experience, including a unified inbox.

Having a combined inbox is huge because I don’t know many people who only use one e-mail account. For business folks, Apple has also added the ability to use more than one Microsoft Exchange account – a big, big boost. The other improvements are relatively minor but could add up to a better overall experience. First, you can organize messages by threads, switching between inboxes should be quick and you can now use applications to open attachments.

These are all good, if not major, moves by Apple. In fact, I wish Android would take a few hints and get it together with a unified inbox already.

  • branon

    This is one feature that I do NOT want. Seriously, do i want my exchange email inbox and hotmail inbox (with all the online stores’ bargain emails in the latter) stacked up together?
    I hope there will be a way not to keep separate inboxes.

    • Shimmyx20

      I don’t know if there will be a way to turn off the Unified Inbox, but I think you’ll at least be able to go into each inbox separately:
      From Engadget’s live-blog:
      “Now if you want to focus on one account, we’ve added fast inbox switching.”

  • NAA

    I despise the unified inbox – if I check there and delete I still have to go to the individual accounts to finish deleting – if I wanted all my emails in one place I would have only ONE account – I have separate for a reason – would not mind if I got to choose if wanted the unified inbox on but as always – apple messes with one of the things they had right

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