Sexy Shots of the Limited Edition ‘Team Canada’ BlackBerry Bold 9700

Team Canada BlackBerry Bold 9700 Limited Edition

Remember that crazy Team Canada BlackBerry Bold 9700 I told you about some time ago? Any self-respecting Canadian should want one of these, but sadly they are a very ‘limited edition’ (only 60 made), offered up to Future Shop employees that meet certain sales numbers. Boo-urns. That said, for those that want to live vicariously through pictures, I’ve got a treat for you today.

Over the weekend TWO sets of pics seem to have emerged of said device. First, TheBerryFix posted a few gems, showing off the red-and-white ROGERS 9700 in all its glory. THEN, MobileSyrup stepped in with a much higher-res look at the device… However, this appears to be a TELUS 9700… what gives? Custom Team Canada 9700’s were done up for each carrier? Meh, who cares, I still want one 🙂

Check out all the photos below, and be sure to give us the thumbs up or thumbs down on this customization. Limited edition BlackBerry devices… gotta love it!

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