ThinkFun brings Rush Hour to the iPad

After the iPhone and Android versions, ThinkFun is bringing its famous title, Rush Hour, to the iPad. As you probably know, it’s a puzzle game that sees you trying to get out of the traffic jams.

Expectantly, Rush Hour for iPad takes advantage of the device’s large screen and the multi-touch capability to “enhance the play experience.”

The game is available in free and paid ($2.99) versions: the former comes with 35 original challenges, while latter boasts a total of 2500 levels, ranging from EASY to EXPERT.

In addition to the “normal” game mode, there’s also the “Perfect Score” which tracks the distance that players move to get out of the traffic jams and compare it to the shortest path possible.

Finally, if you’re really stuck — and trust me you will be on higher levels — there are Hint and Solve buttons, which show you the right direction, and solve the puzzle for you, respectively.

Rush Hour for iPad (and for iPhone and iPod Touch for that matter) is available in English, German, Spanish and French, and you can grab it from the link below.

Rush Hour ($2.99) [iTunes link]

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