IntoMobile is a finalist for’s best cell phone news blog!

Dear IntoMobile readers,

We just got word that is a finalist in’s Blog Awards for Best Cell Phone News Blog! This is very exciting for us, and we’d like your help!

Right now, we only have somewhere near 13 votes. To get to the top of the heap, we’re asking you to vote for us, please!

If IntoMobile wins best cell phone new blog, we would get the following:

  • Promotion across and other Wirefly web properties
  • Mention in press release announcing winners
  • Recognition on Blog Awards page for 1 year.
  • Wirefly Blog Awards badge to post on site.

This is what you get:

  • IntoMobile’s sincerest gratitude!
  • A chance to validate your enthusiasm for IntoMobile

There’s also a $250 prize for the winner, but it’s less about that and more about showing how we have some of the best, loyal readers! Seriously, we’ll probably just take the money, buy some cool stuff, and give it away to our readers (you)!

Cast your vote here, and thanks!

  • Dave

    I’m not voting until you have a web tv debate on chatroulette.

  • Venu

    you have my vote… 🙂 thanks.

  • hary

    Sorry but i cannot vote until you write biased blog posts.

    Best example as i already said in the other article about “Hot Hardware Edition”.

    “Simple example: If Microsoft Kin handsets were included in the list, Nokia’s C6,E5 and E3? should have been included.
    They bring more to the table than any Microsoft kin handset.

    One of the top cell phone blogs show such biased behavior, that is not a good sign.”

  • Rob

    I voted, and with conviction. I love IntoMobile and I think some of the best, most astute writing happens here (I’m winking at you, Stefan) and your breadth of coverage is well balanced with focus and depth (Will, Dusan, Simon, Ben and James) and you’ve made some great additions to your team (Marin is prolific and penetrating and Blake always hooks me with his subjects) and since one of the few things I love more than phones is video games, where would us gamers be without Daniel’s game-centric articles?

    • blake

      Thanks a lot Rob! We really appreciate your IntoMobile love! Thank you for voting as well!

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