Saving Private Sheep hits the AppStore!

Saving Private Sheep, the game we talked about a week or so ago, is in the AppStore now. As I said it then, I’m saying it now again – it’s hilarious and one of those really entertaining, time-wasting titles and I love it for that.

The storyline pits pesky wolves against peace loving sheep who only want one thing; to reclaim their grazing grounds. You lead the “Woolen Warrior” as he tries to conquer the enemy territory by leading it into the secure zone. To do this, you’ll need to destroy all the obstacles in the surrounding area to enable the sheep to achieve their objective, to land in total safety.

As you progress, more complex structures emerge (special indestructible and explosive blocks, for instance), making your mission harder. Speaking of mission, there more than 80 of them included, meaning Saving Private Sheep will keep you entertained for quite some time. And like that’s not enough, additional level pack will be available soon.

And if you’re still not convinced, hop over to the AppStore page (iTunes) to check additional screenshots.

Saving Private Sheep ($2.99) [iTunes link]

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