Android 2.2 Froyo has been spotted!

AndroidAndMe has gotten some interesting visitors to their site recently. According to Google Analytics, there have been hits on the site that are coming from Android 2.2 software!

While these numbers can be faked, it’s likely that this is real deal.  Taylor Wimberly of AndroidAndMe noticed the 2.2 hits from the site, and looked to other sources, which confirmed that Android 2.2 had indeed began being tested. This is good news for Android users for sure, but those good feelings should be tempered with the realization that an Android 2.2 Froyo release could be far off. With many people still running on Android 1.5, why would the 2.2 come any sooner?

The likely first and second device to receive this update will be the Nexus One, and Motorola Droid, respectively. These are the devices that Google has sent to those who are attending the I/O conference (those who paid to get in at least). This is also good news because hopefully the testing is for an announcement sometime soon, and Google I/O sounds like the perfect place to take the wraps off a new software version.

It would make sense that Google would announce a new Android OS version at the developer conference that they hold. After all, Android is becoming more and more immersed into a field Google wants to get some market share in. Android will have the greatest presence at the I/O than it has ever had, because of its growth. Previously, a couple new features were shown off, showing what they are looking to go with their OS. Could it be that it would possibly be available to be pushed out at the time of the conference? Who knows. I’m not predicting it, but I would not be surprised if it did.

There are a few rumored features in the updated OS, but nothing has been solidified. Likely things we’ll see are fixes to bugs such as available memory to the user, and touch screen optimizations. This may be the update that could address fragmentation of the OS. If that is true, then we may begin to some core Google apps moved to the Android Market. There’s also the possibility that Google will activate the colored trackball on the Nexus One. This has been around for root users, but it should be shared with everyone – it’s a nice feature to have. The biggest possibly part of the update? Flash 10.1. This is not confirmed, but it would be an awesome addition.

What do you want to see in Android 2.2? UI Changes? Updated Google applications? Let us know in the comments!

[Via: AndroidAndMe]

  • r00n

    makes me curious. I hope that the Gmail app will get a good update… I don’t like the way of navigating in the app right now.

  • Joshua Talley

    I’m looking forward to the core apps being separated – especially that annoying Amazon mp3 store app that I don’t use.

    However, I would like to see a better media organizer. iTunes integrates everything, which makes it slow and painful. However, it does play and organize music well. I was hoping Lala would be a Google acquisition, but alas, Apple got it.

    More than anything, Flash 10.1 is what I want. What the marketplace is lacking can be had on the web. Here’s hoping that the two will begin to work together with the addition of flash.

    Some better memory management (apps on the SD card maybe?) and a radio upgrade for my Nexus will be welcome additions.

    I wish I was a programmer.

  • frank rabatti

    i really want to see the fm transmitter in my htc legend enabled so i can play my tunes over the car stereo. that would be fantastic.

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