iPhone versus tiled floor: the results

Yep, it was going to happen sooner or later – an iPhone decides it is going to headbutt a tiled floor, and ends up coming off much worse! In some respects, it’s fascinating to see how the impact has played out across the glass – but on the flipside, it’s incredibly inconvenient as obviously the uber-phone is out of action!

However, the results of the altercation between the iPhone and the floor have given me an idea – do you have a pic of your phone, post-accident, that you want to share with the IntoMobile readership? If so, pop a link to the image in the comments, and give us a line or two about what happened – at the time, it’s heartbreaking, but on reflection we can all have a wry smile at the effects of Mobile devices meeting a sticky end!

Oh yes – that is sticky tape on top of the crack by the way – firstly, to stop fingers getting glass splinters, and secondly because believe it or not, the touchscreen is still working fine!

  • CrkrJak

    wow no comments with pics? lol

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