RIM to launch BlackBerry ‘Concierge’ service

During its WES conference Monday, Research In Motion’s Co-CEO Jim Balsillie said the company is working on a feature that will help users have better interactions with their applications.

Dubbed “Concierge,” this service is supposed to help create a more holistic, integrated experience rather than merely using apps in a silo. The BlackBerry maker didn’t expose many details about Concierge, but it will likely be based on always-connected widgets. It will be contingent on contextual information like location and mobile operators will be able to use this to deliver content.

“Users will be able to review what music they listened to, who they tweeted or what they purchased on eBay using the Concierge feature,” The Wall Street Journal said.

There’s still very little official information about this, so keep it tuned here because we should see a demonstration of the next-generation BlackBerry operating system tomorrow and Concierge may play a big role. Look for Concierge to roll out toward the end of the year.

[Via The Wall Street Journal [subscription required], hat tip to PhoneScoop]

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    Very good posting and thanks for sharing the news. The next generation of blackberry operating system will be a very unique one.

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