The Weather Channel for Android Updated With Cool New Features

The Weather Channel App for Android

Wanting to keep their app fresh and funky for their users, the good folks at The Weather Channel have updated their ‘Standard’ app to version 2.3.14. The update features new graphics, new desktop widgets, ‘Did you know?’ weather facts, and TruPoint Nowcasts. Besides these new and exciting features, you’ll also find improved tracking, slimmer ad code, battery life enhancements and just plain ‘ol quicker load times. It’s definitely a worthwhile update.

You may recall back in February when I reported The Weather Channel App for Android could be downloaded from live TV… Just hold your Android-powered device to the screen, scan the QR code, and BAM, just like that you get The Weather Channel App.

The latest edition is no exception.

To grab the latest update, scan the QR code I’ve included below, or hit it up in the Android Market.

The Weather Channel for Android QR Code

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