Apple shipping iPad 3G a day early?

Apple’s official ship date for the iPad 3G – the iPad model that can connect to AT&T’s 3G wireless data network – is set for Friday, April 30. But, it seems Apple may be shipping the 3G-enabled iPad to users a day early. At least one lucky Apple fan got his iPad 3G ahead of schedule, and he sent a pic to Engadget to prove it!

You can tell this is the pic is of an iPad 3G because it sports the telltale black plastic trim along the top of the display. The plastic insert serves to create a gap in the aluminum unibody, allowing the iPad to get unobstructed signal reception – radio signals hate aluminum (they’re a bigoted bunch).

Does this mean Apple is shipping the new iPad a day early? If they are, we can’t imagine that this will be an isolated case. If this guy got his, there’s bound to be more iPad 3G’s headed to a few lucky souls today. So, our question is – have you taken shipment of your iPad 3G yet? We know we’ll be keeping a lookout for our delivery today!

[Via: MacRumors]

  • kenneth

    wanna know if they’ve shipped your ipad 3g??? go to fedex and track by reference, and THEN enter your phone number you provided apple, and that will allow you to track it!!! woot woot, mine’ll be here tomorrow by 3 pm 😀

  • Mike

    I preordered on March 13th and it’s still listed as shipping ‘late april’.

    Now I’m seeing people who preordered in April getting shipping confirmation. Definitely not a case of first come, first serve.

  • mprickett

    I did not get mine today, but I got confirmation that I will have it tomorrow! I can’t wait!!!!!

  • CJ

    Mine is supposedly only 60 miles from me at the Fedex in RANCHO CORDOVA, CA, station. Perhaps I will get mine today too.

  • Commentator

    Apple promised DELIVERY by the 20th for those pre-orders that met their deadline. It is likely that they shipped earlier than today for addresses with a longer FedEx estimated time, and FedEx simply beat their average.

    Many have received ship notices and tracking numbers today, for delivery tomorrow.

    • Commentator

      oops–delivery promised on the 30th, not the 20th–typo.

  • Dana

    My shipment notification came this morning (29 April) with a delivery date of 30 April starting in Rancho Cordova, CA and arriving 3:00 pm in Denver, CO.

  • David Ernest

    Scheduled for delivery tomorrow by 3pm. Yeah!!!!

  • David

    I spoke with our FedEx delivery man today and he told mine should be delivered tomorrow, Friday. Yipppeeee!

  • DJR

    Received notice from Apple that my IPad 3GS-64 was shipped today (April 29), and the FedEx tracking indicates that it will be here tomorrow before 3:00 PM. My wife has had her regular IPad for a couple of weeks now — So, she has been letting me play with her’s until mine gets here.

  • josh

    Duh … Apple’s press release says:

    “CUPERTINO, California—April 20, 2010—Apple® today announced that the Wi-Fi + 3G models of its magical iPadâ„¢ will be delivered to US customers who’ve pre-ordered on Friday, April 30, and will be available in Apple retail stores the same day starting at 5:00 p.m.”

    That means they always planned on having them at the customer door on the 30th. Nothing newsworthy here …. move along folks.

  • iThink

    That picture is so fake. Why would a 3G device display AT&T signal bars for phone service. Come on. Doctor it up better.

    • David Ernest

      The iPad 3G does show the AT&T signal bars.

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