Latest Verizon ‘Droid Does’ commercial shows off Incredible features

Verizon’s “Droid Does” advertising campaign is nothing short of impressive. The ads are emotive and perfectly targeted to Android-loving geeks – mostly male, to be sure. The latest in this line of commercials showcases the Verizon HTC Droid Incredible. Or, to be more precise, it lists the Incredible’s high-end features, but falls short of actually showing the actual hardware.

This new Droid Incredible commercial isn’t the best we’ve seen in the “Droid Does” series. There are no stealth bombers, no robotic arms, and a conspicuous lack of iPhone-haterade, but the commercial does get our geeky blood flowing. We’d have liked to have seen the actual phone shown off in the commercial, but perhaps Verizon is looking to keep things a little mysterious to hype the handset.

In the end, this is just another commercial, but it’s good enough that we thought you deserved to know about it. Especially since this is as close as a lot of you are going to get to an Incredible for the next week or so.

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  • Adam

    I got the Incredible on 4/28. A day early and it’s an amazing phone.

    When I first saw this commercial I was surprised it did not show the phone.

    But I think people will see it, and be like what the hell is Verizon talking about with Incredible? And have to head to Verizon to check it out.

    Boom. Instant Sale.

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