Boost Mobile nabs Samsung Rant, bolsters unlimited plans

Boost Mobile has, umm, boosted its unlimited plans to include more features for one of the best values in the wireless space.

Those on the $50 unlimited plans will now include 411, e-mail and instant messaging to go along with voice, text and data. Those on the $60 BlackBerry monthly unlimited plan now includes all-you-can-eat IM, e-mail and 411.

The company also picked up the Samsung Rant, which we’ve covered before. If you forget, the phone will come out May 19 for $149.99 (remember, that’s without a contract) and it packs:

* Slide-out QWERTY Keypad
* 2MP Camera with Digital Zoom & Video
* 3G High-Speed Data
* Wireless Web Email Access
* Instant Messaging
* Multi-Media & Text Messaging
* MP3 Music Player
* Stereo Bluetooth
* GPS Enabled
* Supports micro SD™ Card up to 16GB (card not included)
* Voicemail, Caller ID, Call Waiting and Call Forwarding
* Speakerphone with Voice Recognition
* Downloadable Games, Wallpapers & Music Ringtones
* 600 Entry Phonebook
* Alarm Clock, Calendar, Calculator, To Do List, & Voice-Memo Recorder

[Via Boost Mobile]

  • mikneeka

    I am so happy with Boost Mobile. Now we can really enjoy just paying $50 a month for a phone with features. I’ll never leave Boost now

    • Rick


      • James

        If you go to BoostMobile and shop their phones look for iDEN or CDMA. Only iDEN phones support the “walkie talkie.” The Samsung Rant is on the CDMA network and therefore does not have “walkie talkie”

  • @JBieberNinja17

    Does it come out in stores on May 19 too?

  • Lii

    Very happy with Boost, even though I get a few dropped calls.
    Like the Rant and the Incognito..When will Boost have a touch screen??? Heard they recently purchased Virgin Mobile..They have a touch screen, but no camcorder. Can I get all of this in one place for the same price.. LOL

  • Erik

    its this a walkie-talkie too????

    • James

      No, the Samsung rant doesn’t have the two-way talk feature (walkie talkie) because it is a CDMA phone. Only iDEN phones have that feature and BoostMobile offers iDEN phones. Just read the pros and cons of each type of phone to see if having “walkie talkie” is really important to you in light of unlimited minutes of voice time (read the fine print) offered by BoostMobile.

  • Jeimuzu-Sama

    @ Erik Rant is a CDMA handset which means no w/t but you get 3-way calling.

    @ Lii There is a fully touch screen phone coming out for Boost. The Motorola i1! It has the Android OS and the w/t. Go to and enter 9935936 to view the phone.

    I have had all the recent Boost phones except the i856 and I have to say that I have never been more excited about a phone before this one. I just hope that the i1 has way more app space than the BB Curve.

  • Dave R.

    Here's a thought, Why is it that w/ all that this prepaid deal comes w/ that it does not have a "connection" (plug) to hook up my desk-top computer that I can have "high-speed" internet, as I live in a rural area and have no other logical options? WHY? I'LL TELL YOU WHY, BECAUSE IT'S ALL ABOUT CONTROLLING THE MARKET FOR, WHAT COULD BE SIMPLE TO MAKE IT AVAILABLE TO ""EVERYONE""! THIS SHOULD NOT BE!!!!

  • BoostMobile8330

    I have the Blackberry Curve from Boost. This phone ROCKS! The CDMA series phones are nice!. Boost Mobile is up & coming! No contract phones are so much better then contract phones.

    Contracts are for suckers!

    I like the Motorola i1 with Android OS but it should be on the CDMA network not the iDEN network, to slow. But I love Boost Mobile and have been with them about 3 years and have no complaints.

    Sent from my BlackBerry® by Boost Mobile

  • Narcissa Gomez

    Boost is really kicking its own butt on its own network in terms of plan pricing with its prepaid line. I'm a Sprint customer and I'm not getting anywhere near the deal Boost customers are and I pay nearly $60 more a month with taxes and fees added. With both companies sharing the same network, I really don't get why there has to be such a huge difference in prices for the same unlimited service. Is the name all that we are paying for? I've heard about this website from a friend and there is a movement to let the President of Sprint know that is pricing practice is totally unfair. Check it out at

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