Next iPhone to have HD video recording?

You know, I jumped on the “iPhone HD” bandwagon a long time ago as the next name for Apple’s handset and it looks like the next version will be able to record videos at 720p resolution.

From what we’ve seen of the leaked next iPhone, we already know that the handset will have a different form factor, a higher-resolution screen and a boosted camera. But code in the iPhone 4.0 beta 3 suggests users will also be able to record in high-definition. The preset values in the video code are:


This would be a great addition to the next iPhone and I can already see the TV commercials this would spawn. What’s more, Apple really does need to knock it out of the park with the next hardware upgrade because the competition is rapidly catching up. The iPhone 3GS was pretty much the king of the hill last summer but we’ve already seen some amazing handsets from other players. HTC’s Droid Incredible lives up to its name, the EVO 4G will marry WiMax goodness with a great design and even Research In Motion may be stepping up its game with BlackBerry 6.

I think HD video recording will soon become table stakes in the mobile world, as Microsoft’s Kin Two (or Kin2) can do it and this is clearly not aiming for the bleeding edge customers. Apple’s implementation of video recording on the iPhone 3GS was pretty solid too, as you could easily trim clips and send them. Knowing how much AT&T’s network has suffered thanks to the iPhone, I wouldn’t be surprised if there will be a 30-second limit for HD videos that you can upload.

We’ll know all the details in just a few weeks friends, as Apple is expected to introduce the next iPhone at its World Wide Developers Conference June 7. Why yes, we’ll be there live blogging, thanks for asking.

[Via MacRumors]

  • Lee Jin

    The Snapdragon processor already has 720p video, and the next version will have the processing circuitry for 1080p video.

    We will see much more HD video on phones. However Kin’s implementation is not very good. In theory it is HD, but in practice the camera quality is less than many other phone cameras that have half the resolution.

    We’ll see better HD from other manufacturers.

  • Marin

    Fair point about the Kin Two but it does technically have it and can advertise as such. That’s why something like this is important for the next iPhone. And I do think Apple will have nice implementation.

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