AT&T’s iPhone Exclusivity Extended Thanks to iPad – Analyst

Brian Marshall from BroadPoint AmTech has said that Apple and AT&T has extended their iPhone exclusivity agreement for six months in exchange for 50% cheaper data plans on the iPad, to the dismay of anyone waiting for a Verizon iPhone, which will only appear in Q1 2011 at earliest.

Despite its best efforts to improve its network, AT&T still hasn’t been able to keep its customers happy, significantly dampening the iPhone experience in the U.S. Frankly, it’s surprising that Apple has stuck with AT&T this long, let alone for the iPad as well, but offering half the usual data rate is a good guarantee that they’ll keep selling.

[via ComputerWorld]

  • iFonePhag

    Well… If AT&T really wants to make a deal with the tech world devil who am I to stop them? They’re trading away their souls and money just to keep fickle hipsters signing up with their network.

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