Motorola MT810 rocks Android, resistive and capacitive screens

You know, there’s still some debate about whether a resistive or capacitive screen is the best way to interact with a touchscreen phone, so Motorola has just combined the two for the Android-powered MT810.

The handset reminds me of Motorola’s Krave because the MT810 will have a capacitive flip screen on top of a resistive screen. Why a resistive screen? Well, this is one of those so-called “oPhones” that will probably only hit the Chinese market and resistive screens are still much better at handwriting recognition (a must have for many Asian languages).

The handset is also expected to have TD-CDMA 3G, the Chinese equivalent of WiFI (WAPI), at least a 5-megapixel camera with an LED flash, and it should also be able to record 720p video. While we’ll probably never see this in the United States it’s still interesting to see what Motorola is capable of because I wouldn’t be surprised to see this type of form factor eventually hit other markets.

[Via Engadget]

  • Foxfyre123

    The U.S.A. women with nails ALL want the¬†Resistive Touch Screens back on our Droids!!!! keys are too hard to use with nails and it’s so much easier to just Tap! i’m seriously considering going back to my Dare.

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