Rogers Unveils iPad 3G Data Plans

Rogers iPad Data Plans

Update: Rogers has informed us that the $20/tack-on plan was released on Apple’s site in error.

If you’re in Canada, and have already pre-ordered one of the iPad WiFi + 3G models, you’ll no doubt want to know more regarding your data plan. For Canadians, your choice of carrier comes down to Rogers and… well, actually your only choice is Rogers at this point 🙂 Thankfully for us, to coincide with the International iPad Pre-Order, they’ve posted their upcoming 3G data plans for the iPad. Below are the details.

  • 250MB – $15/mth
  • 5GB – $35/mth
  • Add the iPad to an existing Rogers data plan – $20mth

Besides those pricing details, there’s also an option to pre-order a Rogers micro-SIM for $0.20… Unfortunately, there’s a limit of only one per customer (boo-urns).

So, Canadians, what do you make of the options here? Granted, they are a tad more expensive in comparison to what our good friends down south get via AT&T ($15/250MB, $30/unlimited in the U.S.), but overall, I have to admit these plans aren’t as expensive as I thought they were going to be. Granted, I probably will NOT step up to pick up a 3G version (everywhere I need to go/work has WiFi), but if I did… an extra $20 to add to my existing Rogers plan would be mildly digestible.

For more information, or to pre-order an iPad, pop over to Apple.


    We are already paying for DATA plans with our Iphones! We should not have to pay again for the same bandwidth we are not using.

    AT&T – $30.00 Unlimited
    Rogers – (USED TO HAVE A 6GB for $30.00) — That's gone with the wind now. WHY? oh, and it gets better… Now for the great price of $25.00 per month you get a whopping 1GIG plan. How fair is that!!!?

    For people who have a data plan with their Iphone or PDA, the sharing of that plan is logical .. we should not have to pay for another service when we are not using up the service we currently have!

    IT's not right. Where is the petition?

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