Sprint ditches Nexus One too

If you’ve been patiently waiting for the Nexus One to hit Sprint as promised, you’re in for some bad news because the nation’s third-largest carrier won’t be getting Google’s “superphone.”

“We are not bringing in Nexus One as EVO 4G is more robust in 3G markets and amazing in the growing number of 4G areas,” Sprint spokesperson Michelle Leff told PhoneScoop in an e-mail.

This isn’t that crazy of a move, as the EVO 4G does outclass the Nexus One in many ways: it has a larger screen, a boosted camera and potential access to faster wireless networks via WiMax. More importantly for Sprint, it has more control over the branding and labeling of HTC’s EVO 4G, as Google planned to sell the Nexus One through its own online portal. Verizon Wireless was also a prominent name at the N1 unveiling but it also decided not to offer Google’s superphone in favor of the carrier-branded Droid Incredible.

So, it’s way too early to call Google’s phone business a failure because it has said the Nexus One division has already been profitable. But it’s also clear that Google’s grand vision of disrupting the way cell phones are purchased is going to take a lot longer than it had hoped.

I think the main problem is that the Nexus One had no retail presence or television advertising. Mainstream users want to touch and play with a phone before buying and there’s a reason AT&T and Verizon are consistently among the top television ad buyers. Maybe that new marketing position can give Google the juice it needs to get its devices in the hands of the masses.

Nexus One fans can still purchase a version for T-Mobile and AT&T and, while it’s good, the EVO 4G and Droid Incredible should satisfy your high-end Android needs. Check out our hands-on video of the EVO 4G for a closer look.

[Via PhoneScoop]

  • Scott

    Just when you think Sprint has gotten its act together, it goes and does something stupid like this.

    Nexus One was my last hope for Sprint.

    • mrbill

      Sprint selling it is what would have been stupid. They saved you from the headaches I've had with the 5 defective Nexus Ones I've had/have. It's so bad I have stopped using it and upgraded to a My Touch 3G for now until I decide what phone to by next.

      • marinperez

        Still having problems MrBill? That's rough man – the handful of N1s we have at IntoMobile HQ have worked fine.

  • @WillPark

    Not too keen on the Evo 4G? That is going to be one helluva media monster from Sprint. I personally can't wait to play with an Evo for an extended period of time!

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