Bing Maps for Windows Mobile Updated With Voice Navigation

Microsoft may be trundling forward with Windows Phone 7, but in the meantime, Windows Mobile is still a nice playground to test apps like Bing. The latest version Microsoft’s search app has been updated for Windows Mobile 6.0 and up, and includes turn-by-turn directions with voice-guided navigation.  Compatible handsets include the HTC Fuze, Pure, HD2, Tilt 2, Touch Diamond 2 Touch HD, Touch Pro, Touch Pro 2, Motorola Q9c, Samsung Jack, Omnia II, Propel, and the T-Mobile Dash 3G.It’s all limited to U.S. carriers mind you, but it’s definitely a start. Verizon customers are still stuck with VZ Navigator.

Google basically dropped an a-bomb on the personal navigation device market when it launched free navigation on Google Maps, and Microsoft clearly needs to meet that standard if they want a fighting chance against the search giant. Bing went mobile just last summer, and has since spread to BlackBerry and iPhone. Bing is even fighting on Google’s home turf by replacing the search on Android handsets from Motorola in China, but Google hasn’t really been making friends there anyway. webOS included some modest Bing integration in 1.4, but nothing as far as a full-blown app.

It’ll be cool to see the Windows Phone 7 app when the updated platform launches later this year, but to nab the new Bing for Windows Mobile now, hit up in your mobile browser.

[Bing via Pocketnow]

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    The new features are great but the old feature for local gas prices is long gone, without any suitable replacement.

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