BlackBerry Storm 3 Launching Q4 With Revamped SurePress, Storm 4 in 2011?

The BlackBerry Bold 9800 slider and the 9670 clamshell are rapidly approaching, but later this year tipsters say we’ll see another touchscreen slate from RIM in their Storm family, and another still in 2011. Take this all with a grain of salt scoop of poutine. Yes, you need that much sodium for this rumour, because there’s no precedent and no proof. With that said, the BlackBerry Storm 3 is supposedly in the final stretch of development and should be ready in Q3 or Q4 with a significant update to the SurePress clicking touchscreen mechanism, described as being “perfect”. If the leap is as big as from the original Storm 9530 to the Storm2 9520, it could actually be an outstanding implementation. Aside from that, the Storm 3 will be running the shiny new OS 6.0 and have a focus on media and gaming, evidenced by a version of The Sims preloaded.

Further down the line is the Storm 4, which will arrive in 2011 with a magnetic compass to enable augmented reality apps, a 5 megapixel camera, and an improved GPS chip (maybe that S-GPS we saw on the way to the LG Ally). It does seem a little weird that the 9670 clamshell would launch with a 5 megapixel camera, but the Storm 3 wouldn’t and the Storm 4 following it would. Barring lower-end devices like the Curve 8500 series, all of the top-tier BlackBerrys should pack 5 megapixel cameras from here on in.

Between the other unreleased devices and the BlackBerry Cobalt tablet, it’s hard to even think about 2011 at this point, but with the Pearl family refreshed, the Bold about to get theirs, it only leaves the Storm and the Curve due for a tune-up, and even then, we don’t know how the clamshell will be branded – Curve is still a possibility. Regardless of whether or not these rumours are true, I look forward to seeing what RIM does with SurePress next, given the amount of effort they’ve put in to making it work. SurePress has been a hard sell for folks who are familiar with traditional touchscreens, but it’s still one of the most innovative and unconventional things RIM has done in a long time; it would be really rewarding to see it finally succeed.

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  • JB

    The Storm (and all the RIM products) are getting left behind by the minute. Being a one trick pony by having fast or pushed email just isn’t enough anymore. Two tricks if you count the SurePress, which I do like (or am used to, I’m not really sure which) but still, do not compare to the Droid or Apple phones.

    When I first got my storm, I think it was one of the main reasons I got out of bed in the morning; I was just so amazed at what it could do. Now I’m just amazed at how much aggravation it gives me with it’s constant locking up and low memory reminders.

    I want so badly to like a new Blackberry but I don’t see them being competitive against the current offerings.

  • Jed

    Yea they have a good design but i wish RIM would provide software that could compete with the I phone. Loading web pages take too long, os takes too long to boot up on turn on, not enough apps and too expensive. I like how the phone looks though.

  • mech

    I have a Storm 2 and I like the Sure Press. I hope their will be other BlackBerry phones with that technology.

  • FreelanceDesigner

    But that one trick is the most important one to many users out there, including myself. I've played around with the Incredible and iPhone and would love to make a switch, but 90% of my phone usage is email.

    Rarely do I even have the time to waste on silly apps and multimedia. That said, when I want to take a quick photo or video, or need to look something up on the internet, it does just what I need. I won't do heavy browsing, but even Google maps has served me well without fail.

  • BB for life?

    I love the sms and email reliability i get on my storm 2, not to mention the unlimited group features that i have yet to see on I phone or android. But I can care less for this surepress mess. At times i feel to tired to have to push down on my screen. Also the phone is just ridiculously boring. I'm debating on getting an android but i know it would just be for the fun of it. I need the unlimited sms features that my storm has for the events I put together on a weekly bases. COME ON BB STEP IT UP FOR US

  • myinnervoice

    Storm 4 or whatever a in 2011 as iPhone killer? Come on…. By then BB will loose to Droid and IPhone. Why is the BB so slow to react with new models?

    When Messiah will come , will not longer be needed

    • Soul06

      BB has ALREADY lost to the Androids and iPhone. They are lapping BB right now.

  • Jmike

    What's with the focus on a device for 2011 when the predecessor for it hasn't even been released. RIM, finish (and do it amazingly well) the product at hand before thinking about upgrades for the next.

    If you know what you want to put in the second to next model… Why not just put it into the NEXT model?

  • Tony

    I love my storm 2 blackberry! But technology is passing rim behind.. And I won’t b left out.. If rim don’t get with the program then I’m just over with them. Browser to slow.SMS is good. But need more than that.

  • Soul06

    Here is the problem I have. RIM has no intention of keeping up with the rest of he cellular industry. It use to be easy to talk about BBM and the blackberry's superior ability when it came to email but really when all other phone are giving you so much, unless you rely on your BB for business, that BBM and email stuff hold little weight. Not to mention, again unless you need it for business, the email receiving on the Droids or iphones are more then fast enough. Not as quick as BB but good enough for regular person.
    Funny thing is I still have a Storm and use to be a DIE HARD BB supporter. But I can see what the truth is. That "shiny new OS 6.0 and have a focus on media and gaming" is most likely not going to even be comparable to the iphone 1 let alone offer any competition for the iPhone4…or the Evo, Incredible or Droid X coming out. And they even say in 2011 with the Storm 4 they will have a 5MP cam….Bwahahaha. These other phones are ALREADY using 5MP-8MP cameras.
    I am SO done with BB. Come August I'm Official #TeamAndroid

    • angel

      i feel the same!!! screw BB all i get is aggravation and high blood pressure ..lmao…most likely ***iphone 4***
      why should i support a company that is getting left behind!!

    • Ronnie

      Android is the way 2 go brother.. Trust me android is constantly trying to knock iphone off the top (and not even aknowlidging WACKberry) android is developing rapidly since its release of the G1. ive used the storm 2 the iphone 4 the my touch slide and the galaxy s… and ive got to say android is the best operating system. HANDS DOWN!!

  • Paula

    I want a Blackberry with large screen, slide to keyboard and easy touch to push. I would chang to the Droid right now if it was with outlook and not google. Blackberry needs to get out of the Dark ages and hop on the Bandwagon to be the leader not follower.

  • Chris

    I still have the Storm 1 and it locks up on me all the time. The memory drain on this phone is nothing short of ridiculous. I can only have 2 or 3 apps running before I need to do a battery pull. I am going to hold out until the Q3 and if BB does not have something that is in the same league as the Droid Incredible. I am going to tap out ! !

    • Ainsy

      you should download quickpull and maintain your storm frequently. deleting old browser cache and cookies might boost your memory. I have a storm also and i always wish for more memory, but truth be told is i have a folder of unused programs that i cant delete. After a while its just a phone again. I have facebook blah blah blah. It becomes to much. I have 7gb of stuff on my phone and i don't even care or watch the stuff, much less buy apps.

  • Jack1059

    You posters make the same mistake most people do when commenting about RIM and their products. RIM is primarily a business phone company, offering fast, secure, and easy email communications. They're No1 in that slot til someone else can start to offer fast, secure, and easy to the business community (Focus on the 'secure' here as thats the main driver). So, the BB Storm line is meant for the you and me's of the world. The potential iphone owning crowd. And yes they've not been very successful there. So calm down on all the doom and gloom predictions about how RIM has 'lost' to (insert name of fave company / OS here). RIM still own the business market who want something completely different to what you and I in the personal market want. I would say that RIM's limited success in the personal market should be viewed as a gradual building of that part of their business. Storm 1 – crap, storm 2 – better, storm 3 – 'should' be better. If they completely mess up the storm 3 then Id start to pass judgement, but so far they've been learning from their mistakes and fixing them. Maybe a bit too slowly for you and I, but fixing them none the less.

  • YOshimonn559

    on a business note. I would like to see a universal snap on mini projector for all the bb models.

  • BB for Business

    Its not just for business though. BB have the best touch screens, due to sure press, and the best calls, texts and e-mails. All I do is download my favourite games on the phone and then get an i-pod touch out. As long as BB have the best simple and advanced features they will still be my choice.

  • Jessie

    where all the other phones shine, the Blackberry makes up for it with name and looks. Blackberry just sounds cool and looks suave. I’d take the storm 2 in a second over my current phone. Get a second battery and be tickled to death with it. I think I will wait until the storm 3 comes out. Obviously the Droid X will smoke it opening up a web page but its worth it just to have a Blackberry. I tinkered with the storm 2 enough to know it freezes, has poor battery life and browses slowly and takes wonderful pictures in the middle of a text. It just looks awesome like a Lamborgini setting on your desk. I love it.

  • Jessie Woodberry

    I know one guy who has his Droid in the shop and another one that's taking his. I want a Blackberry

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