Orange and T-Mobile joint venture to be called “Everything Everywhere”, yet the old brands live on

Orange UK and T-Mobile UK merged last September, and in the 8 months that have since passed, with countless numbers of logistical problems and technical issues hopefully resolved, the best name they’ve managed to pull out of a hat for their combined massive network is “Everything Everywhere”.

The logo isn’t very inspiring, and the name doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue now does it … but have no fear, the Orange and T-Mobile brands will live on. “Everything Everywhere” is just the formal name that the joint venture will be given. It’s sort of like Mountain Dew and 7up, they’re both two different drinks, with two different brands, but they’re both owned by Pepsi. Even the press release, which is wordy and rather long, offers this choice quote:

Orange and T-Mobile will continue as leading brands in the market, with each brand having its own shops, marketing campaigns, propositions and service centres. However, behind the scenes, the two brands will be run by one company, with one team and one vision to give consumers instant access to the people, places and things they want, wherever they are.

Summary: You, as a consumer, will probably never even hear of “Everything Everywhere”. The combined network goes live by the end of this year, will have 30 million customers, and … that’s all really. It’ll be interesting to see how they’ll segment the different brands. It’s all the same “pipe”, so unless they plan on offering guaranteed quality of service, or special tariffs for corporations, picking either Orange or T-Mobile will be mainly based on price and handset availability + subsidy.

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