Video: Verizon shows off LTE in Boston at a pizza shop, hits 8.55 Mbps down, 2.80 Mbps up

The world’s first commercial LTE network went up simultaneously in Stockholm and Oslo, courtesy of TeliaSonera, and while we’ve been salivating over their 30 megabit per second download and 5 megabit per upload connections for a while now, we’ve been waiting to hear what sorts of speeds are going to show up on American shores. Now historically Verizon has always had the most superior wireless network, and customers paid for it. They’ve been the most expensive, and that’s true even today, so what they’re going to charge for LTE is another question all together, but what we can see today is real benchmarks done on real machines in real world envioments. Check it out:

Expect to hear more about Verizon’s LTE network by the end of the year, but don’t expect to hear anything about LTE mobile phones for at least another year. Minimum.

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