EVO 4G available for pre-order from Best Buy and Radio Shack

The EVO 4G’s pricing may have been announced just yesterday, but now we’re hearing some even better ways on how to get your hands on it. As with many recent smartphones, Best Buy Mobile will offer the device on May 13 and I’d rather buy it from there than a Sprint store.

What makes it such a good thing that Best Buy Mobile will be carrying this device? Well, the best reason to get your EVO at Best Buy is that they automate any rebate. If you walk into a Verizon store for a Droid Incredible, or when it’s time, Sprint for the EVO 4G, expect to pay about $100 up front on top of the $200 for the phone. While you get rebates back, Best Buy Mobile eases anxiety by turning that rebate into an instant one, so you’ll never have to part ways with the extra cash in the first place, which we can all be thankful for.

Best Buy Mobile also ensures your new device is working properly and that it’s set up correctly before you leave their store. I’d go to these guys before Verizon any day since I’ve heard some just downright stupid things coming from a couple Big Red employees. But they try, and are not all bad – It just seems like an overall better experience from Best Buy Mobile as a whole.

But Best Buy Mobile isn’t the only place you can pre-order one of these bad boys, as Radio Shack is also taking pre-orders on May 14. While there is no mention of a instant rebate, people who pre-order the device with a $50 dollar deposit will receive a $20 gift certificate for accessories. Pretty cool, but not as much if the rebate is still involved. While a rebate is not a deal breaker, it’s inconvenient, so if there’s a way to not pay a rebate, I’m there.

Where will you be pre-ordering your EVO?

  • @rnmnx

    Best Buy for sure!

  • symbianguru

    RadioShack does instant rebates, as well.

  • Mike

    I did to my surprise yesterday… I also got a $50 gift card (I think, I'm going to have to look at my receipt again) for my trouble! I'm going to try Sprint out for the introductory 30 days to see what they're all about, and if I like them I'm cutting Tmobile loose! I got my first phone contract with Tmobile (almost 5 years ago) with them, and wasn't that impressed with Best Buy's service all of those years ago, and have pretty much stuck going to Tmob's corporate stores for anything else since. I decided to give them a try yesterday and was pleasantly surprised by the service! I might be buying all of my phones from Best Buy in the immediate future!

  • Pam957

    You didn't actually get a $50 gift card. The way Best Buy is doing it, you're actually making a deposit of $50 to reserve the phone. In exchange, they give you the gift card. When you come back to Best Buy on June 4th to pick up the phone, you give them the gift card plus $150. If you decide not to come back for the phone, so still have a $50 gift card. It's a little wacky and I'm sure it's all an accounting thing. It feels like we really got something extra, but we didn't.

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