Sprint charging mandatory $10 for 4G data on HTC EVO 4G even if you’re in a 3G-only market [updated]

We’ve been talking up the Sprint HTC EVO 4G ever since we first got to play with the hardware at CTIA Las Vegas earlier this year. And, rightly so – the EVO 4G is one bad mamma-jamma. In fact, it’s quite possibly the hands-down best Android phone of 2010. That’s saying a lot. But, there is one thing that could hold the Sprint EVO 4G back from becoming the outright blockbuster smartphone of the year, and it’s potentially Sprint’s fault. Sprint has just confirmed to us that the upcoming Android smartphone will require that all customers pay a $10 add-on fee for “4G data.” Sounds about right, right? Well, what if we told you that the fee is mandatory, even if you’re not in a 4G market.

In light of the mandatory 4G data fee, we have to wonder if it will keep consumers from snatching up the EVO in droves. The mandatory $10 essentially takes the first year’s cost of ownership (excluding monthly rate plan costs) for the EVO 4G from about $200 to about $320. You could argue that the price is part of the rate plan, and so doesn’t count as part of the phone’s purchase price. But, since the fee is mandatory, even if you’re in a 3G-only market, we’d argue that the price can be considered part of the phone’s purchase price.

It almost seems like Sprint is charging potential customers a tax to help subsidize the rollout of their still developing 4G network. We’re used to that kind of a tax on the gas that goes into our cars, but for a handset?

Sprint spokesperson John Taylor defends his company’s decision for the extra cost by saying that customers are likely to consume more data with this smartphone because the handset is so powerful, it’s the world’s first 3G/4G phone, and it’s 4.3-inch display is so irresistible. This is what he says on his blog:

If you buy the Sprint 4G EVO, you have to pay this $10 charge each month. This is specific to the device. It’s not related to whether you are using 3G or 4G. It is required if you have the phone.

Because the phone has a faster processor, a huge 4.3 inch screen and an 8 megapixel camcorder/camera, we expect you will be using a lot more data than you would with our other devices. These features will give you capabilities that have previously never been available on a wireless device and we think they provide a premium experience. (Remember, this is the world’s first 3G/4G Android phone.)

What say you, dear reader? Does the mandatory $10 4G data fee give you reason to pause from buying a Sprint HTC EVO 4G? Will you buy one anyway? Are you miffed at Sprint’s decision to essentially “tax” you to use the hottest Android phone in 2010? Let us know in the comments below. We won’t blame you if you’re willing to buy the handset under any circumstances – we certainly will.

Sprint reached out to us to clarify their position on the data fee attached to the Sprint HTC EVO 4G. In their email, Sprint wanted to make it clear that the data fee:

…allows HTC EVO 4G users to take advantage of a richer data experience than ever before, including dual cameras (8MP auto-focus camera with HD-capable video camcorder and a front-facing 1.3M camera) that can be used for video chat, a superfast Snapdragon processor for a better experience at both 3G and 4G speeds, a 4.3” touchscreen and 3G/4G capability. The combination of features and services on the HTC EVO 4G provide capabilities that were never previously available on a wireless device so customers will have a better experience and likely higher data usage.

We have to admit, that does make sense. You’ll be consuming more data with the EVO 4G than with many other smartphones. The phone is a media-monster, and that means it’ll suck down wireless data like nothing else. We should also note that the Sprint Everything plan costs $69.99. Even with the additional $10 monthly fee, the $80 per month plan will still be cheaper than the closest competitor.

  • Ice

    This is bullshit. 4G networks are CHEAPER for them and MUCH MUCH smaller. They just want to be like Apple with the IPhone.

    • tom

      Sprint is no different then the oil companies. They increase the prices because they can. They offer a good deal, competitive with Verizon and AT&T and then take it all away by adding on additional sur charges and billing it as a "Faster System" . The system which they have been touting for some time is supposed to be better and upgrade from the existing, however, they should provide the the same "new deal $69.99" as with all other phones. When you have to have an up-charge regardless of using the 3G or 4G network, something really doesn't seem right…. And, it probable isn't……

    • Phone Fanatic

      i understand total consuming more data with the device having a faster processor speeds and everything but when your not able to get 4g in your area its not fair to the consumer when this is the reason for the fee. yes sprint does have the best rate plans of coarse thats why i have them, but when my plan includes unlimited data i would expect it to support the device on the 3g network which is the only option in my area. Is this a required feature to operate the device or is it another way of making up for the cheap rate plans? with this being brought to my attention i will not be purchasing it unless i will be able to get the feature wavied by escalating to sup or the insurance of 4Gg being supported in area. not be an ass but t mobile has even more plus unlimited talk > text> and web for every device for 79.99 which total up would almost be equal excluding taxes because the additional feature would create additional tax>

    • vetteman

      This extra “charge” is total BS. Their reason for implementing it doesn’t even make sense! They say they are implementing it because people will use more data? Well the Sprint “unlimited” data plan is actually quite the opposite. It IS limiited and at 5gb so what’s the difference how fast people get to their limit? Whether they reach it in a week or three weeks shouldn’t matter they’ll still get charged the overage charges either way except with 4g they’ll be paying an extra $10 that month and they’ll have more overage charges since they “sucked up” so much data!

  • iFonePhag

    I don’t think that’s outlandish. $10 a month is a lot less painful than I was thinking their new 4G Data plans would have cost. I was imagining they would have made some new $100 Single line Everything Data that came with 1000 mins or something. Something that would be mandatory for the Evo. Along the lines how the Pre and all the other smartphones have data requirements. Either way I don’t think it’s bad. I’m sure the Evo 4G after 2 years with Sprints Plan is still cheaper than the equivalent Iphone plan for 2 years. Oh btw, Ifones are gay.

  • raypatt3

    Personally, for me, it will still be $20 per month cheaper than staying with ATT and my iPhone 3G S. When considering that I also pay an extra $30 a month for unlimited data for my iPad, i"ll actually be making out with the tethering from the Evo (that I don't have the ability to use with iPhone and ATT).

  • Pbg225

    Well its kind of disappointing, especially since im not even going to have 4g where i live, but its not going to keep me from buying the phone….

  • Juan Leal

    thats just another bullshyt charge… sprint is going to fuk this launch again just like the palm pre… $120/y tax plus another stupid mail in rebate hope they can make a decent ad campaign like the DRIOIDs.

    • ajg

      radio shack is an instant rebate…no mail in crap to worry about. $199.99

  • @hatch1988

    I think the $10 fee is dumb because also with the $30 data package you need to, that is making you pay $40 per month not even including talk or messaging. I think this "little" fee may keep some people from buying this awesome phone. I say if you don't want 4G coverage you shouldn't have to pay for it.

    • marinperez

      Sprint's Simply Everything plans are either $30 or $40 for the EVO and do come with unlimited text. I don't like the surcharge but it's not completely horrible.

      • ryan

        i agree.. i pay 180 for three phones unlimited talking anywhere no roaming.. free texting. and data.. add ten dollars give me a brake.. the iphone on atat was 130 for just me and the side kick on t mobile was 110 might i add.. you NEED TO HAVE DATA FOR THEM OR CAN'T HAVE THE PHONE.. DN'T COMPARE SPRINT WITH 'EM THERE ON ANOTHER LEVEL.. open your eyes and see that..
        cheaper price and best phone on the market and best service also..(no one say verizon is better please read the facts..)

  • Sprint Fan

    My understanding is that Sprint's plan prices are still the best when compared to T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon, even with an additional $10 a month for 4G, even if you don't live in a 4G area (like me). I recommend Sprint to those that want to know a good carrier with great prices. The 'bad customer service' rap, while most likely justifiable in 1999 or 2000, just doesn't apply today. Make the jump to Sprint and this phone – I am sure you won't be disappointed.

    • Jean

      Concerning customer service…I purchased my HTC EVO and stated that I wanted the $69.99 plan. The sales rep repeated what I said, nodded his head, and completed the purchase and setup. I did not learn about the $10 charge for "premium data" until I received my first bill and called to inquire about the charge. I doubt that the extra $10 would have changed my mind about purchasing the HTC EVO, but the "premium data" charge should have been disclosed more prominently in the promotion and also by the sales reps rather than hiding it in the small print.

      I also noted on my bill the $7 per month charge for "Total Equipment Protection" which the sales rep asked me about and which I specifically declined. It appears he included it anyway, but I plan to drop it if I can confirm that my homeowner's insurance will also cover my phone.

  • Mikee

    I don't have a problem with the surcharge the everything data plan is already one of the best plans out there giving you unlimited voice mobile and data most plan in that price range only give you voice for the same or more. For what the Evo is capable of doing now and in the future 10.00 is a small price to pay and most people do travel at some point, it's possible that you will be able to pick up 4G service in a city that you are traveling to and enjoy the service until you get it where you live.

  • johanna

    NO I still want it!

  • Rand

    I was just about to plunk down my cash dollars for this phone. Seriously reconsidering, now. Thanks for the heads-up.

  • Matt in KY

    I have been holding off on turning in my Hero for the Evo, now not so much, I would rather keep the Hero than pay an extra $10 for no 4G access. There is also a rumor that this phone does not work as well inside buildings as other CDMA phones; who wants to stand outside to use their new phone? Oh wait the screen isn't viewable in the day light.

  • cw3k

    i am sure someone will file a class action to for this.

  • @GtheBarber

    Its worth every bit of the $10 Wow did you see the videos?

  • Dat dude

    $10 is nothing when you consider the "data package" needed and used on high end Bberry's…my current data plan is $45 each month, even if I bought the $29 a month unlimited wifi hotspot, I'm still better off.

    If all you can point to is ten $10 " what if your not in the 4g service area?" argument…then keep what your using in the " No4g" area.

    The phone is a beast…if ten bucks stops you, then it wasn't the device for you anyway.

    • GOD

      HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dario

    I do not live in a 4g market so this does impact my thinking. I don't think people like to get charged for services or features that are not available to therm. The argument that this device would result in greater data use doesn't hold. That's what the data plan is for. I am an At&t customer and have been considering switching, this gives me pause to reconsider. There are more quality androids out there and coming, such as the desire and the galaxy s. I hope Sprint will reconsider. This could be the device to set them apart if they handle it right.

    • Jonathan

      that makes no sense that 10$ will keep you from switching, regardless they could charge you 20$ extra and itll still be a better deal than what at&t could give you. and what would you say if in a couple of months 4G comes rolling to your area and now you ant 8 more of your friends could share the 4g speed where ever you go? like someone said before if 10$ is gonna stop this phone was never meant to be for you. plus your probably an iphoner thats paying crazy $$$ money lower than average service, right?



    • ajg

      radioshack is instant rebate. 199.9

  • adam

    This is such a moronic decision by sprint. They've been bleeding customers for the past 6 months or so, finally release a leading, not comparable (no one switches carriers for something comparable) device, have a chance to regain some market share and instead try to piggyback a revenue stream on it and think people wont notice. How many customers would they fail to acquire if they charged $440 for the phone instead of $200? Is AT&T or verizon going to tack $10 a month to use the new iphone? And their justification is that since it has a better camera and bigger screen we're likely to use more data, so they have to charge more? ISN'T THAT THE POINT OF PAYING FOR AN UNLIMITED PLAN??? I mean do they think we're clueless? what a bunch of morons. I really don't need 4G so it's pretty much a marginal decision for me at this point.

    • marinperez

      You're right on buddy except they've been bleeding subscribers for the last 3 years or so. One step forward, two steps back.

  • Omega

    Well, I was going to get it, but living 50 miles from a 4G city that hasnt even been turned on yet is something I will NOT pay $120 more a year for.

    My Hero with 2.1 on it already it a lot better than it was with 1.6. If you are not in a 4G area, just wait for 2.1 for your phone and will be happy enough until Sprint either learns, a newer faster 3g comes out, or 4G comes to your town… some day, unles LTE gets there first…

  • JPH

    Not a big deal in the scheme of things. Will I be able to tether this to my laptop?

    • marinperez

      If you pay $30 a month on top of the service plans, you'll be able to hotspot it. Of course, it's Android so I'm sure we'll find a cheaper solution soon after it's released.

      • paul

        EVO's still an Android 2.1 phone.. You can download PDANet and still tether it to A (as in, just one) laptop.

        The $30 is OPTIONAL — only if you want to use EVO as a mobile hotspot and connect up to EIGHT devices to it.

  • phil

    i was definitely going to get this phone. upon hearing about the $10 mandatory fee i have to pay, i am definitely not going to get this phone. especially considering i am not in a 4G city. oh well, i've been waiting for months for this phone and what a let down.

  • marinperez

    I've had some time to think about this and I still don't like it. I'll be getting and using 4G soon in San Francisco, so I don't have too much of a problem paying for this newer service. But, if you're in a market that won't ever get it, or won't get it for a year or so, this is horse apples.

    Sprint has told me the logic is that this is such a mobile beast that the average user will wind up using more data than other smartphones. Fair enough but it sets up a tiered precedence based on the capabilities of the device, not how much you actually use it. And what happens next year when the better one comes out, will that be $15 because it's capable of more?

    If you're going to charge for tiered usage, I'm reluctantly okay with that but don't single out the best thing on your network because your customers MAY use more data on it.

    Damn, gonna rant on this one in a longer post friends.

  • big daddy

    Sprint should make 4g an optional charge. This would have been the smart thing to do. Why pay for a service that I won't get until the end of the year? I might as well wait until 4g is available. In my opinion wait. Sprint will offer more 4g devices by the end of the year that could be better than the htc evo. Technology is growing so fast and htc is putting out a new phone almost ever three months that outdoes the previous generation. First with nexus one, then droid incredible, and now evo. Even though they are for different networks. The nexus one was suppose to come to sprint but sprint dropped it which was a bad idea if they are charging for 4g service. They could have charged for 3g with nexus one and I would have grabbed that.

  • Unhappy Sprint User

    Once again Sprint drops the ball. You've got to be kidding me! 10 bucks to use crappy 3G because 4G is not available in my area. Why would I do that and who is to say how long it will take to get 4G in my area. Sprint was already hanging by a thread with me. The only reason I was still around was because of this phone, but with this stupid "mandatory 10 bucks" BYE BYE to Sprint!

  • Fred

    Sprint CEO Hesse has said all along that 4G is cheaper for them to deliver than 3G, so this comes as an unhappy surprise. Yeah, the price might be less than comparable AT&T/VZ plans, but from a data use perspective, I don't see the point in paying $10/month for the same amount of 3G data (which is already unlimited…), or paying Sprint more for something that costs them less to deliver. Guess I'll stick with my current plan and HTC (and figure out ways to use more 3G bandwidth just because I can).

  • Bill – Wash., DC

    Agreed. Why pay $10 more based on phone features, for a service that is not even in my area. I have been a Sprint customer for many years and this just pushed me over to Verizon and the Incredible. I am still using a FLIP PHONE for God's sake! This was to be my first ever smartphone. I can't wait any longer and was holding out for this EVO. Sprint blew a great opportunity. Is Apple charging more because their 4G will have more features? I don't think so. Very disappointing, Sprint—I thought unlimited data was unlimited data. So long!

    • ed long

      Dude, your just stupid. So you would move to a lesser phone and the same 3G service for a higher price just because you don’t want to pay another 10 bucks? Even with the extra 10 you have 20 bucks less to pay. You should pay more for less… Stupid people need to get ripped.

  • Jason

    This is a load of crap. Hesse said it was cheaper to run a 4G network then 3G. How the hell can they justify this buy up?

  • Michael

    If Sprint made the 4G charge optional, would it be easy for Sprint to disable the 4G radio in the phones that did not purchase the $10 charge?

    I feel like that may be difficult to enforce, so Sprint decided to make everyone get it.

  • Ryan

    So instead of backpedaling on their 69.99 plan which has been heavily advertised as of late, they make it 69.99 plus 10.00. Wow, good thing I'm a f-ing moron and can't figure out that is 79.99. Pulled a fast one on me! When I bought the Samsung Instinct 2 years ago I jumped into the 69.99 data plan. So now I get rammed with an extra 10.00 fee for something I can't even use in my area, and I'm sure this fee is PER LINE, so 20.00 extra for me. I have been waiting for months for the "supersonic" to be released and feel punk'd, f-d or whatever analogy you want to use. Hell, I wish they just said the plan costs 79.99. Asinine.

  • dan b

    I’m one to pinch pennies at times and was looking forward to this phone more than anything, including canceling my contract and switching but for an extra 10 bucks, sprint is going to lose potential customers in a second, as my wife and I being on a shared plan I called sprint and verified, I would have to pay 10 bucks EACH phone. That’s just ubsurd. That raises my monthly bill more, for what? No 4g, it won’t be in my city probably for years to come so this is bullshit on sprints half. 4.3″ screen and all, t mo ain’t chargin for their windows htc hd2, granted not comparible in many aspects but not worth it after having to pay 120 per phone a year, by time the contract is up id given up 480 for nothing, that’s garbage. What a waste of a beautiful phone to a greedy non customer friendly phone service. This is horse apples.

  • G-Man

    What crap! I have been waiting for this thing for months, and this is what I get. My town may never even get 4G! Why should I pay for it? When 99% of the potential buyers can't use 4G you don't charge them for it! Great job Sprint, you had something great and you just screwed it up. And they wonder why they are losing so many customers, its crappy decisions like this! This is a luxury tax plain and simple, lets call apples "apples". I guess they just want to be like AT&T, what a great role model.

  • paul

    Not a deal breaker for me. A $10/month fee on top of the $69.99/month Everything plan is $80 per month. Figure with taxes & all that other crap, we're talk close to $90.

    Verizon's and AT&T's plans practically START at that price.

    $59.99 per month for voice then add $30 per month for data on VZW if i got a Droid — also $199.99. (Total monthly plan — BEFORE taxes — $90.)

    $69.99 for voice, add $20 for Text, then add $30 for data for AT&T — for a 16GB iPhone 3Gs, also $199.99. (Total monthly plan: $120.)

    Yeah… Sprint charging an extra $10 just to use EVO on 3G… The nerve! They're screwing their subscribers by charging them $80 per month vs. others' $90 or $120!

    Sprint is sooooo evil! 😉

    • RajBaj

      @paul: You are embarrassing yourself by making such a retarded point. The point is not whether Sprints plans are cheaper than the competition; the point is that they will be imposing a charge on something a lot of people cant even have access to at this point. Like someone else said earlier in this post, it should be an optional charge EVEN when 4G IS AVAILABLE!! They are making it mandatory when its not even available, especially when it costs them lesser for a 4G network than it does for a 3G network. If you dont find this move on their part unethical, then there is something wrong with you and you need to seek help.

  • sprint

    Sprint (at least) has been doing this for the better part of a decade. $10 extra if they decide your have a "likely to use a lot of data" device. A few years back, it was windows mobile, but not BB. I guess all winmob folks used browsing and BB was just mail.

    It was stupid then, and it's stupid now.

  • a454nova

    Hey guys. The cool thing is… You can trash the data cards for 59.99 because you pay the $10 4G fee and you can wifi the laptop to the phone! 3G or 4G

    • PineRoot

      Yep, I'll be testing the 4G (once it hits my area or when I visit Chicago) on XBox Live, and if it's not bad, I'll also be canceling my home internet.

  • Roger

    Well I was pretty pumped for this phone and was going to switch from ATT, going to hold off for now.

  • Tim

    Was going to buy it, but no longer. I just get so sick of getting nickel and dimed.

  • PineRoot

    I'm still getting it, 4G wont be in my city at launch but it will at some point. Unless I hear something about a Win7 phone before years end.

  • Not_Buying_It

    It's simple really… Don't buy the phone. I'm not going to. I'm going to purchasing a HTC Hero to replace my original Instinct instead and save $120 EACH year.

    This is just like when they started the Everything Plans with all those INCLUDED TV channels WITH the plan. Now look at what you get with your plan vs. what you have to pay EXTRA to watch channels that originally came with the plan on a 2" screen.

    I'm sure the lemmings out there will buy it anyway because they HAVE to have it… lol!!

    It's a phone people…. there are cheaper ones out there without extra monthly charges. Is 4G a necessity to use a phone? No.

  • Hubert Samm

    Well, for a while Sprint had my attention… the EVO sounds like a great phone, and $70 per month vs $80 per month for the 4G network, ok, so I could stomach that… but now, if you want the wifi hot spot… hummmm and extra $30 per month… I DON’T THINK SO… I’ll just choose a different carrier, and if necessary, ‘root’ my phone so that I can tether it without paying the extra monthly charges… For the life of my I cannot understand their reasoning for all the greed with these companies… I was thinking of dropping my ATT-UVERSE Internet, and using Sprint, but not now………….

  • We all lose

    Well it's official. I left Verizon years ago after winning a class action lawsuit because they blocked the push protocol on my old Motorola V710 (remember those?) rendering Bluetooth sync useless so they could charge people 25 cents to get photos off the phone. I got an iPhone, then iPhone 3G only to be be tortured by AT&T's horrible service. I have been looking to drop (ha) AT&T for a while, but just wanted a comparable phone.

    Sprint you had me excited for a few months, but no 4G in San Francisco until Q4 2010 at the earliest and you want to charge me extra. No Thanks. Verizon you win. Soon I shall come crawling back. HTC Incredible here I come. Well, in a month. No sense on giving AT&T $175 for the right to leave a month early.

  • JB – Martinez CA

    Does anyone know if the $10 fee, or the $29.99 for the mobile hotspot is eligible for employee discounts? I have the Instinct, and when I had the Simply Everything plan for $99.99, it was not eligible. I switched earlier this year to the Everything Data with 900 landline minutes, and that is eligible for the discount.

  • Joe

    Sprint u suck!….and thats all i have 2 say about that

    • dave


  • Titan

    Totally disgusted. But…..I'll still buy the phone. The simple fact is, phones continue to improve. There will be a better phone than the Evo in the months to come. Therefore, following their argument to include the $10/mo for the Evo, they will undoubtedly include it for phones that are even better. It will become a standard for the high-end phones on Sprint, and they will get away with it because their plans are still cheaper than the competition.

    • Mike

      Yes, sad but true, or how about this:

      What happens when the other big 3 networks release their next gen networks at higher rates than those currently advertised by Sprint, and Sprint decides to up theirs too because people are start to pay those prices?!? Get it while it's cheap, right?

  • RickC

    I like the HTC EVO, its many features and its 4.2" screen. I really wanted it but I just got tired of waiting for it to be introduced. So I bought the Droid Incredible. So far I'm happy with my choice compared to the LG DARE it replaced. All the available free aps and games make it a fun gadget and much more than just a phone with a camera that can browse the Internet.

  • oscottyo

    Well at this point not interested, did sprint even consider the current economy. I'll take a pass and get something else. There is always something new around the corner anyway.

  • Ali

    $10 a month extra really isn't bad when you think of all the phone is capable of. And for everyone worried about the cost of the phone and having to wait for a mail in rebate, if you get your phone at a Best Buy Mobile, they don't have mail in rebates and are usually considerably cheaper on the cost of the phones. So really, I don't think it's a bad deal at all, I'm super stoked about the phone and can't wait for it to come out so I can get it. Already have my pre-order at Best Buy 🙂 Also, I don't think people are taking into consideration that 4g is growing everyday, and with a phone contract that lasts two years, everyone should be covered under 4G during the length of their contract. So stop finding excuses to not buy the phone, when all is said and done, $10 a month is passing on Starbucks three times a month, or passing on a fast food run twice a month, so stop complaining, this phone is gonna kick butt!

  • dave

    buuuuuullshit!!!!!!! my hd2 has a 4.3 screen snapdragon 5 megapixel wich i dont even use sense ui etc etc.. good and fast tmobile service where i live and really everywhere i go (no bullshit)!!! SPRINT SUCKS (used to be a sprint customer)

  • Wendell

    I was going to get the EVO but now Sprint's true colors come out. I'll now go to Verizon and get the Incredible. Sprint is blowing it once again.

  • Joeeee

    Why should anyone have to pass on junk food or anything else when they are not getting anything by paying Sprint the extra $10? I don't live in a 4g area and am no longer going to purchase this phone unless Sprint reverses their decision. Yeah I know the phone has a bigger screen, nicer camera, and a HDMI switch, but I am paying for that when I for over $200 and sign a 2 year contract. Are they trying to charge me some sort of leasing fee? Will the $10 charge remain even I buy the phone for full price or when my contract ends?

  • rob

    thats stupid if you pissed about having to pay ten extra dollars a month then just dont get it. second what about those people sitll in contract how about that 200 to break it and leave and then if ur so pissed aobu the ten dollars then where u gonna go anywhere u go its gonna cost more

  • Dan

    So, they want the 3G'ers to subsidize the 4G'ers. Kinda gives me the same feeling I had when I heard about all those government bailouts!



  • pissed off

    Bush league!!! hello iphone 4g

  • Jorge

    Here is my beef with all of this, why is only the EVO paying an extra $10/Month for 4G? What about the other products Sprint sells that use 4G service, and if the extra $10/Month isn't for using 4G, why is sprint advertising the phone 'Only' costs $199, when it clearly doesn't? ($199 + $240) … Would someone from Sprint like to elaborate on this? lol.

    I mean, your either unfairly going to charge us for 4G when almost all your Evo Users don't even have access to a 4G Network, but not charge the extra $10/month for other devices you offer for 4G, although if not that, then why are you purposely lying with advertising the cost of the phone, when it's clearly not only $199?

  • noevofee


  • jefffw

    alot of these idiots who are complaining, should just go pay $120.00 a month for the iphone, really makes a lot of sense !!!

    • Jorge

      Between my wife and I, we pay 125 for 2 iPhone 3Gs on a Family Plan… No clue where your getting your numbers from.

  • kevin

    man i hate sprint for doing this shit and having us pay 10 dollars extra the phone should just be 200 straight with no add on fee

  • mike

    What gets me is that they trump up this $69.99 unlimited data plan constantly on TV….its the principle. I will not be purchasing this phone.

  • moneymaker$$$

    i have a lot of money i don’t care.

  • jmaz

    Dumb, dumb, dumb. Many of you won’t let this kind of pricing skim get in the way of your excitement until the bills start coming in. Those that will use the full lineup of services: The basic 400 mins, the data plan,and the wireless modem “Sprint’s Hotspot” feature will end up paying up to $130 per month. Sprint is losing a lot of customers and it knows that a lot of people
    are going to jump (a la overly enthused engadget.com folks) on this overly priced offer.

    Sprint wants you to asist with their rising costs and loss of customers by subsidizing these loses. It is no doubt a very good piece of cell tech ware, but I for one won’t fall the urge again knowing that six months later a newer trend setting piece of cell hardware will appear.

  • Indiana

    What about those customers that already have the everything data plan? What about the simply everything plan?? They already have the unlimited data. If they would have updated or planned to update the HTC Hero and the Moment customers would already be getting alot of the features on the EVO. Are they going to now charge $10/month for the update also as it will make owners more inclined to use their devices?? I can see charging for 4G if it were used, but come on. quite a few sprint customers already barely get 3G. When Verizon starts releasing Android phones like crazy next year how do you think Sprint will hold up? This is basically a luxury tax to have a great phone on Sprint. Do I think it will be worth waiting for Verizon to release bigger and better phones on 3G? You better belive it. Over a 2 year contract the EVO will cost me $439 to own. In just a few months bigger and better phones will be out on the market and I would still be paying for a lesser phone. I think not!!

  • Loyal no more

    This has to be the biggest scam in the history of cell phones!!! Hesse you need to man up and stop lying to the public. I could have swore I heard you say that it was cheaper to run a 4g vs 3g network. I have been with sprint for 12 years now and this $10 extra charge has just put me over my boiling point. I am a loyal customer who usually keeps my phones 3-4 yrs before getting a new one. My current phone is the samsung upstage and I have had it now for 3.5 yrs. I was very excited about this EVO but not any longer. I really hope this wakes up Sprint into realizing that with the economy the way it is now people cant just give away thier money to make the CEO’s richer in order for them to run a cheeper network anyway. Sprint has really blown it now. I guess they will ultimately have a lot of returns on this one before the 30 day mark. 🙁

  • Rubi

    no longer getting the phone because the idea is so scummy, not even the money itself. i’m currently not and will not within the timespan of having this phone get 4g service. i emailed Dan Hesse dan@sprint.com letting him know. i feel if h gets a ton of complaints and realizes how many customers he’ll lose, he may take away the charge

  • Ali

    Well, technically, you're only paying $20 a year, cuz you can spend the 100 dollar rebate on the monthly $10 charges! duh!

  • Luci

    It's a load of shit! I already spend a small fortune having 5 phones w/ them, I've been a loyal customer for probably ten yrs and now they wanna charge for a service I'm already getting, so in a sense I'm paying for it twice. Living in an area that doesnt have 4G and probably won't for a while I think its BS that i have to pay this. I already pay for the UNLIMITED plan, when I spoke with a rep from Sprint and questioned what that extra fee was getting me he simply said a "Richer data experience w/ uncapped data". When I asked what that gets me he couldnt answer a simple question but to tell me I would understand when I used the phone. After 30 Minutes I gave up as I realized I wasnt goin to get an answer. As per the rep he said that's the correct answer as per their recent update. He also used the fact that the phone has an 8.0 megapixel camera and so forth, these are features on the phone. Why should I pay per month for the features, thats what the purchase price covers. Bunch of BULLSHIT, I really wanna tell them to go to hell. Maybe I should just stick w/ my BB

  • Abe

    I have been a sprint customer for over 12 years. I have had the free and clear plan with unlimited incoming and unlimited data plan for business. I have been waiting for the Evo for 2 years back when it was HD in Europe. I called sprint today to inquire about the HTC EVO purchase with my plan. They mention that i have to pay the $10 extra fee , even though I am in a 3G area. I said OK. Then she tells me that she wants to change my 1000 anytime minutes with unlimited incoming …and bring it down to 400 minutes and charge me more than what i am paying now and put me on one of the two plans they have the $69 or the $99.

    I know the $10 is mandatory and i do not mind paying that.

    But does anyone know if it is mandatory to be on the $69 plan or $99 plan, even though your current plan provides more minutes and includes unlimited data?
    Or can you stay on your regular plan with unlimited data and just pay the extra $10?

  • Martin

    im getting that for sure. with the 69.99 plan. 80 bucks still beat verizon,AT&T and other competitors out their. chicks gon be on my dick more when i get that… HTC evo Welcome to my world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stephen N.

    Something that everyone is *COMPLETELY* missing is this, the $69.99 "" all you can use "" plan from Sprint is NOT actually all you can use!

    First, you can NOT call unlimited to LAND lines. You only get 450 minutes for land line use. After that it's .40 cents a minute.

    Second, EVEN if you are paying for the $69.99 all you can use plan, and the $10 4G plan ($10 supposedly gives you unlimited data, which is supposed to be in your all you can use plan), and the $30 wi-fi hotspot plan.. ($30 just to use a feature ALREADY in your phone?), Sprint actually has some fine-print you REALLY need to read… and I quote….. "" Sprint may terminate service if (1) more than 800 minutes, (2) a majority of minutes or (3) a majority of kilobytes in a given month are used while roaming.""

    So, if you are traveling, and roaming, and you USE the all you can eat minutes…. you could get your service terminated for using what you pay for.

    I was all ready to jump on this EVO 4G business…. but right now it's sheer crookery. I'm going to say no.

  • Average Jane

    So I am not sure who Sprint's financial director is, but its seems like Sprint will take a financial loss by charging prospective users the $10.00 fee.Too bad no one from sprint will read this

    Lets say there are 500,000 persons interested in the EVO @ $70.00 (I have rounded the numbers to make this easier). With a 24 month contract that would equate to 840,000,000 over two years, plus 100,000,000 in phone sales.

    500,000 x 70.00 x 24 = 840,000,000 + (500,000 x 200) = 940,000,000.

    Now lets say they charge the extra 10 dollars. How many potential candidates did they lose? I measured it at 10%, 15%, and 20%. I would assume the numbers would be closer to 15%, but that is just a guess.

    @ 10% 450,000 x 80 x 24 = 860,000,000 + (450,000 x 200) = 950,000,000 (they have a gain of 10 million)

    @ 15% 425,000 x 80 x 24 = 816,000,000 + (425,000 x 200) = 901,000,000 (that is a lost of 39 million)

    @ 20% 400,000 x 80 x 24 = 768,000,000 + (400,000 x 200) = 848,000,000 (that is a lost of 92 million)

    As you can see above, Sprint does have a 10 million dollar gain at a 10% loss of possible customers, but that number will be squashed once people buy accessories. In fact, that 10 million mark will most likely be surpassed quickly.

    With Sprint already on the edge of bankruptcy, it would seem as though the logical answer here (based purely on numbers) would be to not charge the extra 10 dollars.

  • jkr



  • Joe

    Do I think the extra charge is a load of Crap? Of course.
    Will it stop me from getting the phone? No.

    Do I hate increasing gas prices? Of course.
    Will it stop me from Driving to work? No.

    Sometimes life throws a load of crap at you, learn to plow through it, dodge it or just stay in doors.

    There are times when you have to pay to have the biggest and baddest. It is how things work, if you truly believe it is not worth it then the solution is simple. Don't buy it. You are not being forced to buy the EVO. It is a choice, you have to make a decision.

    We are the consumers, it has plain as day, you want this phone you have to pay $10 per month to have it. There are lots of places that want a clear explanation about the $10 fee. Sprint is beating around the bush and don't want to state the real reasons for taxing this particular phone. But all of that is really beside the point.

    I don't see anyone at the Car dealer stating, well why do I have to pay more for gas if I want to drive this car over that one. They both ignite a fuel air mixture. Well this one can do 180MPH, yeah but my speed limit is only 70. So what, you want a high performance car, even if you can't travel as fast as its maximum speed you still have to use premium gas. There are lots of cars than can easily do 100mph and use regular gas, you want the sports car then you have to pay the premium.

    EVO is the sports car

    Certain things will always require you to pay more than standard costs over its lifetime.
    Do some research and make an informed decision. Crying about having to use premium gas over regular is not going to help.

    If you believe it is totally unacceptable, then don't get it and don't pay the fee.

  • Dan

    This type of phone is still a luxury item, not something that most people need. Other phones can fill the needs of most people without being "taxed". Very disappointing what sprint has done. I was looking forward to this phone coming out, but I won't be submitting (especially in this economy) to nickle and dime charges from my carrier for the priveledge of using their phone. No thanks sprint. Sooner or later our newest generations will get a clue about all the money they are spendinf on this type of stuff and think "boy, what other kind of things could I be doing with $100 more a month?"

  • brian

    This is fantastic sprint not only do I live in central Nebraska where I dont even use your towers now your going to charge me extra for 4g when the closest market that is even planned is 6 hours away and the closest market currently with with 4g is 10hours away!

    Dont charge us extra so you can expand your business!

    Thinking about switching to verison, yea the droids wont be as cool but at least the dont charge me extra for somthing I couldnt even use if i wanted to

  • Gene

    I would have the EVERYTHING PLAN if I updated to this phone, but the EVERYTHING PLAN clearly doesn't cover Everything. Also is the hardware going to perform any better or faster without that fee? No! Basically, what it comes down to here is that we are going to pay for the hardware twice over. One rep was stupid enough to say that it was needed for the FM radio, they clearly don't have this whole thing worked out and that is going to be Sprint's undoing in this matter. Another rep was saying the fee was for rich data verses regular data, so I asked what the difference was in terms of data upload and download speeds. He didn't know and was not going to find out because they don't have any data to share with the public. Finally, their only comment is that it is manditory and will be attached to every 4G phone they release in the future. I spent two hours on the phone with Sprint today and talked to four different reps up the line, and they got nastier and nastier as I went from rep to rep. They were clearly uphappy because I wouldn't buy into the bullshit they were vommiting out.

  • Jbman

    Hey every body not likeing the extra $10 a month. The money that they are makeing off of that will go to expanding 4g service. Also look at the iPhone 3gs. Basic monthly plan with data and 1400 mins: $120. Htc with unlimited text, mins, and data: $80. What is cheaper? You decide.

  • Bdawg

    I will not buy the EVO now ever though it seems to be one of the best phones on the market. I have also considered even cancelling sprint once my current plan is up, based on the fact that they would impose such a fee for a phone. I feel that the only reason they have implemented such fee is in order to Up their cell phone rates all together in the future, and this is just the starting point for such price raises.

  • nat

    honestly i was going 2 get this phone but having to pay an EXTRA $10 on top of the $200 bucks that i pay already a month.no 10 bucks is 10bucks bullshit! oh and i read its for premium data add on. idgf. i just want the phone! i dont need the premium add on added to my unlimited data plan! god sakes!

  • Tony

    Why would I want to pay an extra 10.00 a month when I already pay for UNLIMITED data usage as part of my Sprint plan. What ever their BS spokes person says, if you pay for UNLIMITED data usage then paying another 10.00 for data usage is BS. Its to bad cause I was willing to buy four of these phones for my family plan.

  • Kevin

    Sprint lists this fee as a 4 G access charge when you buy the phone, so saying anything else is just spin control. I suggest everyone register a complaint with the FCC about this charge for a service that isn't offered to you.

  • Jason

    agree with those posting the clear logic that bandwidth is bandwidth, regardless of how you use it… if Sprint says 'unlimited' then lets not try and insult the customer's intelligence by saying it is not through ANY means.

    I am saddened by two facts:
    a) I actually need a wimax phone for work reasons
    b) I had no idea of this upcharge before buying (i.e. I was lied too)

    Oh well, my biz need will translate into money for me and against sprint, lololol

  • Tiger

    this charge is stupid and i deffinatly will never buy a phone with that kind of crap i hope there sales go down

  • Jim

    I was going to upgrade to the Evo, even though I’ve only had my Sprint HTC Hero for 4 months. This means, of course that I would be paying full retail for the phone as I’m not yet eligible for an “upgrade”. That is, until I heard of this additional $10 fee per month. I live in an rural area where my phone hardly gets a 3g signal. 4g will not be available here until long after I’m gone. Granted I use the phone heavily for internet, this is always from home, on my own personal wifi network. RARELY does the data plan get used. Now, not only do I get to pay for 4g, but I can’t use it as well. This is perfect. I refuse to pay for something I can’t use.

    I won’t be buying this or any other spring phone until they change this policy.

  • Keith

    Total BS
    Use more data on an “unlimited” plan? Unlimited everything my ass

    The fact is my data use on my phone is task oriented. I look up x, read x, and move on. I would likely pull the exact same amount of data no matter how fast the data is pulled or how pretty the pictures are. I’ve have several sprint customer service agents flat out lie to me about how data works. Seems even their employees have a hard time justifying it and tend to make up their own faulty excuses.

    If the phone cost 120 bucks more, or they moved to a tiered data plan, I’d have bought it already. The shady bullshit pricing and the bald face lying makes me turn away every time I think about buying it.

  • Richard

    I just purchsed 2 of the EVO phones and was surprised the 4G service was not available in my area. I called customer service and was told that the $10 charge was a “company policy” and there was nothing they could do, even thought they couldn’t tell me when the 4G would be available. I think that there needs to be a class action lawsuit against Sprint and have all the rip-off $10 charges returned to the customers.
    Shame on Sprint for doing sleazy business with their long time customers. They have not a clue that they are shooting themselves in the head.

  • Ashley

    if there is no 4G coverage in ones area then it makes no sense to say that the consumer will essentially use more data. the charge is said to be for the 4G coverage the phone has not for the phone itself. that sounds ridiculous. If i don’t have 4G in my area it is redundant to have to pay for it. Why pay for a service I can not obtain? Almost like paying for someone to walk a dog I don’t have…Seriously Sprint needs to get their heads out of their ass’s. the charges are ridiculous & it makes no sense to make people outside of a 4G covered area to pay for it. Where is the logic? Oh right, sprint shoved logic up their ass’s along with their heads while they concern themselves solely on making money. Something needs to change with this fee…it may not seem like a whole lot at first but if you have lets say 2 Evo’s on the account there’s $20 extra a month right there & if you have no 4G coverage that is one very unnecessary $20 extra PLUS the tax that they always add as well..all i can say is, it’s asinine.

  • Craigsale4
  • Tyrannoman

    kept me from buying one. I love the phone, but won’t pay the service charge on top of my plan

  • Tyrannoman

    kept me from buying one. I love the phone, but won’t pay the service charge on top of my plan

  • Tyrannoman

    kept me from buying one. I love the phone, but won’t pay the service charge on top of my plan

  • Suesprint2011

    Lets Sue these Fuxers!!! If your with me email me suesprint2011@gmail.com

  • Atti_clearw

    bullshit! They saying now they are charging $10 for 4G ! In my city we have no 4G! So why nobody take this to the court? Next week the Verizon will relies the Evo 4G ! So I will wait ! Do not pay that extra $10!!!

  • Davedc

    That email shows a complete lack of good faith. They give you all those reasons, but still charge the additional $10/month on the EVO SHIFT, which has few or none of the options mentioned as reasons for the additional charge. Living outside the very limited 4G area, I was looking forward to owning one of these phones while not using 4G, but will NOT be purchasing one because of the extra charge.

  • i think the 10 dollar charge is friggin bs… on top of what we pay for our service and if we have the family share plan with members of the family wanting the EVO also (like I do) then you are talking a shit load of money … I will definatley think about this purchase some more… maybe they will eliminate it….. im hoping…………..

  • Cl2istinal2

    i am just LIVID as i spoke with not one, but TWO sprint supervisors yesterday who argued with me that the $10 charge is bieng charged not only to those upgrading to a 4 G device like the EVO, but for ANY smartphone upgrade…yes…thats right…even a regular blkberry or Mogul or Hero or HTC touch pro’s will have the $10 charge which is ridiculous since these are not 4G devices. My husband activated his hero last night and suprise suprise, we got the “by the way, this will be an extra 10 dollars” speech. I argued and argued for almost an hour with TWO supervisors who confirmed this. They refused to budge on the ten dollar charge. So now, my bill is up by 20 bucks as i upgraded to the EVO and accepted the 10 dollar charge, but also now my husbands Hero is geting the charge tacked on as well. This is beyond infuriating and ridiculous as i didnt sign up for that. Now im stuck with a two year contract on ALL 4 lines i have, who ALL have smartphones. in essence, my phone bill had the potential of increasing by 40 dollars!!! im sorry but, WTF?! I agree on the charge for 4g devices…but most certainly not for ANY smart phone. I hate sprint and their customer service as BOTH managers were “sassy” to put it nicely..and the WORST PART OF IT ALL is when the supervisor from general customer service transfered me to “account services” department, the general rep who was about to take over the call from the prior supervisor, put me on the line before realizing it..just in time for me to hear the new general rep say to the supervisor i had just finished speaking with say “OH, ILL BE MORE THAN HAPPY TO JUST TELL HER EVERYTHING YOU ALREADY TOLD HER”….oh snap!.. Lets just say I hadnt had diarreah of the mouth in so long, that it felt good unloading it onto the unsuspecting rep who stuck her foot in her mouth prior to realizing I was already on the line. Shame on you sprint. Your customer service lacks SEVERELY. Ive tried out several wireless companies and HANDS DOWN, Tmobile had THE BEST customer service EVER. Unfotunately, tmobile’s coverage in my area isnt as good as sprints…such a shame….

  • Goyex

    I was going to buy 2 of these phones today and when they told me it was gonna be $10 extra for each phone I stopped right there and could not believe it. There is no even 4G in our area I told the sales rep. He said is sprints mandatory rate for 4G phones. So I got on the phone with sprint to ask why would I have to pay for something I wont even use and they told me some BS about how the applications on the phone would use premium service. they denied the charge is for 4G they said is for using the premium internet service. I can see how you can use a little more of bandwidth but it is ridiculous their answer saying when the phone updates it uses more data and blah blah blah. I work with computers and I know for a fact that these phones use the same applications also the 3G uses there is no difference except when you use the camera to send video or picture the rest is the same. It is ridiculous they still charge us for this not being in a 4G zone. I wont be buying this phones and I will be canceling my contract as soon as it expires.

  • wondering_buyer

    We were planning on buying an EVO but when we found out that we had to pay an extra $10 extra monthly for each phone we decided that it was far too expensive. That meant $360 extra each year. Here they say that the extra charge is only for the EVO but I heard that it was for all 4G phones including the Epic. So if the EVO is so fantastic and should be taxed for its fabulous features, why is the Epic being charged also?

    • I just talked with them and 4G wasn’t even mentioned. I was told that when I upgrade I will pay the $10 cost evenif I already have a smartphone. So as long as I don’t upgrade I’m fine , but the day will come when it become inevidible. Even if you have a grandfathered plan so they say yuou gonna pay and pay

    • MGuest

      It’s now for ANY smartphone, even if you have a contract, even if you already have a smartphone.  Once you activate a new phone you agree to an additional $10 fee.  In ADDITION to your contract price. Outrageous!

  • Maverickfer

    I was ready to buy the phone but when I found out that I was going to be charge for a service (4G) that it is not available yet I told them to pound sand. This is America and it’s always nice to have choices and competition in the market place. Sprint all I can say its suck it!

  • Sprint Customer

    Okay….. Frustration with Sprint!!! I have been with Sprint for 11 years. I need a new phone because my Palm does not ring and can’t recieve emails. The Sprint company and it’s reps are telling me if I change phones … does not matter which phone. I will incurr 10.00 every month which makes that charge 120.00 a year. In addition that raises the overall taxes. We have 5 phones on our plan and they are going to price themselves out of the market. The new rates were effective at the end of January. I don’t know about you but I never got anything in the mail about this change. I am extremely disappointed with the Sprint Company!!! They are doing nothing to help keep their customers happy.

    • Markbllngr

      Did you ever get anywhere with this? I am in the same situation – 5 phones and looking at potentially $600 extra per month even though I have a contract.  Is there any recourse for us?  How can they charge extra if we’re in a contrct?  Can we break the contract?  Very frustrating.

  • 4G was never mentioned as an issue, I have 3 smart phones and even though I have the unlimited family plan it will still be $10 per phone. So as long as my phone works then I don’t have to pay. I guess you could buy a phone and do a swap as though you already owned the phone.

  • Sprint Customer

    Well the $10.00 a month charge must not be enough because Sprint has now removed the NASCAR APP on my Blackberry 8350 Curve and now says it is no longer supported on the phone! They are out to get you one way or another. Prepaid is looking the way to go.

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