Android 2.1 is the new 1.5 – Android 2.1 takes top market share

While Android 1.5 OS was the most used version across all devices that used the OS about two weeks ago, 2.1 has finally¬† taken the crown. Although, that could all change in the near future, now that we’re expecting Android 2.2 OS in the next few days (it sure took them long enough).

Android 2.1 OS now accounts for 37.2% of all Android devices, with 1.5 in a close second place with 34.1%. OS 1.6 has only 28%, and everything else isn’t even worth mentioning since the numbers are so small. The numbers should come as no surprise, with the Droid Incredible and Eris now running 2.1. Other devices, like the Samsung Moment now have the 2.1 update available on the Sprint website, but it’s not done over the air, like almost every other smartphone running the Google-made mobile OS.

Many Android handsets are being updated to 2.1, which is in turn dwindling the numbers of other versions. But it’s only a matter of time before Android 2.2 comes out, which will fragment the OS further. Froyo is supposed to take a big stab at the OS’ fragmentation problem, but for the time being it’s doing little more than exacerbating the problem. Some Google applications will be out-sourced to the Market, enabling users of any version to be able to download the update.¬† But we’ve seen this before – some applications are developed for a specific version of the platform, which isn’t all that useful for a user on 1.5 when the app has been developed for 2.2. It’ll be interesting to see how these present and future problems will be addressed.

With Android 2.2 right around the corner, this has got to be a downer for those who are still on 1.5. Updates have been promised and delayed more than once. As this trend continues, one has to wonder if their device will even make it to the next version. Sorry G1 owner’s, you’re device isn’t powerful enough to receive another update. Officially, at least. Let’s hope Google has some plan to sort all of the shenanigans out.

Expect some big announcements at the Google I/O on Wednesday, where Google’s smartphone platform is sure to be a huge highlight.


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