iPhone OS 4 Beta 4 Includes Tethering for AT&T

Hey, remember when AT&T promised tethering on the iPhone? That was what, over a year ago? Well, the dream is quickly becoming a reality, as the latest beta of iPhone OS 4 clearly shows internet tethering options. Anyone who has been absolutely dying for laptop internet access via USB-connected iPhone has probably resorted to the number of third party options by now, but being able to offer an official solution will allow AT&T to push their unlimited data plans.

A few other small updates following beta 3 include a new Utilities folder, which, by default, holds stuff like clock, calendar, compass, and voice memo, some new preloaded wallpapers, landscape support for the camera roll, and overall performance improvements.

Tethering is a pretty big deal for AT&T, who has had to deal with enough mobile data traffic from apps and browsing alone, let alone facilitating mobile broadband. They better be able to keep up with the demand – their reputation is still in the pits for their existing coverage, and poor tethering experience will just result in even more people switching to Android just so they can use Verizon’s network.

[via Giz]

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