Virtual Zippo Lighter surpasses 10 million downloads mark; Updated with in-app virtual skins store

Remember Virtual Zippo Lighter for the iPhone? The application that brought the look and feel of Zippo’s iconic lighter to the iPhone was one of the first branded apps for Apple’s at that moment still new mobile platform. It reached the 3 million downloads mark pretty fast, and now skyrockit (formerly Moderati) announced that 10 million downloads mark has been passed as well.

Along with this announcement, they also said that an updated application has been released boasting few cool additions — including new free skins, in-app purchasing of premium skins, improved animation, lid-lock option for ensuring continuous ignition, and the Date-My-Zippo function to interpret unique date codes on Zippo lighters. That in-app purchasing of premium skins is especially interesting. Initial skins available for download include Bob Marley, Harley Davidson, Vans, The Who, Ozzy Ozbourne, Def Leopard, Kiss, Playboy and many more. Moreover, if skyrockit makes some money out of this in-app store, I’ve no doubts more and more skins will be added in due course. In the meantime, the AppStore link remains the same and it follows in a line below. 😉

Virtual Zippo Lighter (FREE) [iTunes link]

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