Galaxy S GPU kicking ass and taking names [video]

The Galaxy S was shown off at the Google I/O this week, and it’s definitely something to be admired. The customized OS looks painfully similar to the iPhone OS in some areas, but it’s the hardware where the Galaxy S shines. Sporting the ‘hummingbird’ GPU, the S is king of graphics processing when it comes to mobile phones today, and now we have a video seeing the device in action.

Earlier, we reported just how good the Galaxy S is in terms of GPU when compared to the competition, but it wasn’t until now that we’ve seen the thing actually perform, and perform is does. The video below shows the power of the device, playing a game without any sightings of lag, just seamless gameplay. While it may not have a 8 megapixel camera with flash, or a front facing camera, the S most certainly holds its own with a great GPU and a gorgeous Super AMOLED display. It’s rumored to be headed to T-Mobile as a part of their Project Emerald, so we may actually see this device sooner than later.

If I don’t see the Motorola Shadow come out sometime this summer (I know, I can’t let it go), the Galaxy S is going straight to the top of our Android list. The Galaxy S would surely be T-Mobile’s best Android device, which they really need.

The device is a heavyweight in terms of specs, but still lacks some things that we’ve been used to with previous Android devices. Why oh why couldn’t they throw just one LED flash in the thing is beyond me. Still, the Galaxy S has power behind it that the competition doesn’t – like the insanely bright, crisp Super AMOLED screen.

[Via: Phandroid, Video: FrAndroid]

  • jds

    Galaxy S does have a front facing camera

  • Szos

    I don't think anyone is going to complain about the graphics performance, but that video sure showed off how HORRIBLE touchscreens are for gaming.

    Is it REALLY that hard for a phone company to add in a directional pad and a few buttons (let alone a good keyboard)? Really guys? It's not that hard… nor expensive. A couple of switches and some physical buttons.

    Have you not seen the amount of games being downloaded onto the iPhone and Android platforms?
    Have you not connected the dots to see that the same demographic that loves gaming is also a gadget-hound that buys the latest phones?
    Have you guys not noticed how many handhelds companies like Nintendo and Sony have sold over the years?

    We want a modern-day N-Gage phone. The graphic and processing power is already here – a modern Android phone is more than fast enough… just give us the formfactor.


    • Mike

      I was with you until the end. How about a PSP GO phone instead of a N-Gage phone?…

    • trob

      the motorola droid is the ONLY phone I know of that DOES have a directional pad. It got a lot of criticism for taking up space on the keyboard but none of those knuckle-heads even realized that its there for a GOOD reason: G A M I N G !

  • Bill

    The Motorola Shadow which will be called the xtreme is right around the corner. Will definitely be worth the wait!!

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