LG Imprint lands at MetroPCS all in its QWERTY keyboard

MetroPCS has a new LG mobile phone in its portfolio – Imprint. The sliding QWERTY keyboard-equipped device seems ideal for heavy texters, savvy social network users and/or those who like to keep up with their buddies across IM networks even while on the go. Rest of the features include a 1.3-megapixel camera, GPS receiver, Bluetooth and a microSD memory card slot.

In terms of the pre-installed software, there’s a media player, simple photo editing app, web browser, email client, Pocket Express (Handmark’s popular news reader), myMetro (for managing your MetroPCS account) and MetroNavigator, which provides audible turn-by-turn driving directions as well as local searches and maps.

In a nutshell, the LG Imprint is a well rounded device for young users on a budget, providing the features they [young users] need the most in a compact form factor. Too bad it’s not a smartphone, but then again, you can’t have everything for $109, which is the amount MetroPCS is asking for the device.

  • lucy

    i have this phone and i like it, i wasnt planning on getting it but im glad i did.

  • shonia

    Im totally gonna get this phone it's awesome

  • tracey

    so it has a playlist…. do you supposed to download music from the computer to your phone

    • Susan

      how? Please help me! i have been trying for three days! email me please!!!!!!!!! stopthedv@yahoo.com

      • alex

        You need to buy a memory card in order to be able to download music on to your phone.

        • Kara

          I have the memory card but do not know exactly what to do. Please email Kara at sagatrini@yahoo.com

          • akayla

            exactly…. i need help too! can you email me too??!? please??!? my name is akayla you can reach me at:

          • Kim

            You're microSD card you need an adapter. You insert your tiny card into the bigger card. Then if you have a newer computer, they come equipped with a MEDIA CARD READER. You stick the BIG CARD (the adapter SDHC) with the tiny card inside into the MEDIA CARD READER. Then you click START. Click COMPUTER and open up the hard drive (D:, F:, E: I:) anything but C: Thats your card. Then you got and open up your MUSIC FOLDER. The you DRAG & DROP the song into the SD card.

  • lilemoney

    i like this im getting it

  • Ashley

    I just got it today!!! I love it already, I didn't plan on getting it either but I'm glad I did. I've already downloaded like 100 songs on it.

    • shay

      hey..i want the LG Imprint but does it have facebook? and i heard you cant download music straight to the phone, you have to do it from a pc…

      • anthony

        the imprint is not java enabled and u cant down load ringtones..even with a bluetooth its very difficult to do

    • Marianne

      how did you download songs and ringtones to the phone, I've been tryng for a few days and it keeps sayin unsupported content. please email me at mare0729@hotmail.com

    • karo

      how do you download songs to it?

    • Sofia

      I downloaded about 100 songs but only shows 25 songs. I don't understand what's happed to my phone. It has enough memory from memory card and when I can see all songs in my phone through my computer but rest of the songs don't appear on the phone. Please advise what did I do wrong. My email add is SofiawithLord@gmail.com….Thank you.

    • elizabeth

      could you email me too i've been trying to download ringtones but it wont let me

    • Jayyee

      How do youu download ringtones ?

    • Claudia

      Can you please tell me where i can download ringtones and how to put song on my phone from my computer. Email me at ClaudiaA92@yahoo.com

  • joe james

    I gottA ?? is dAt uh femAle or uh mAle fone?
    or both CAn use it???

    • Young Treezzzzy

      Last I heard, they havent started making phones with genders.. I'm a 17 yo guy and I use the Imprint (It's Black & Silver, not Pink & Blue). Please learn to spell and talk as well because if you talk that in real life theres a good chance that no one will hire you. Yet again, you probably just sell crack to kids… so nevermind….

  • shay

    i want it..but does it have facebook??

    • Kimmie

      yeah you just gotta go on the internet

    • yan

      i want to get it too im gettin it tomorrow and it does have facebook, myspace and others! i cant wait for tomorrow

  • LM <3

    you can go on mobile facebook thru the metroweb

  • Chasitayy

    I want this phone sok bad but I’m 14 with out a job and can’t pay for it by my self ūüôĀ

    • Trevor

      Then I guess your out of luck. Get a boyfriend with a job and have him buy you one. I would for my girl…

  • aalexis♥

    when i try to download songs on my lg imprint
    on funformobile.com or anywebsite it doesnt let me
    how im i supossed to get songs from off the internet ?

    • Joanna♥

      there is a thing called limewirere.you can download free songs from there.

    • jessica

      heres the thing. It doesnt work like a lot of phones where you can just go to funformobile.com and download them.. i have the same phone and it took me forever to figure it out. Ok they best thing i can tell you its go to MyTinyPhone.com once there you can find the ringtone you like. Once you do click on it. On the next page you will see a button sayint customize it fitst, click it. You will see a display of of a sound wave thing with a red dot to the right. click be the red dot and highlight the blue (just by draging the mouse to the right) as far as it will go. Once you do that yo can move the whole section of highlighted blue to the part of the song you want to be your ring tone. You can check how it will play wiith the red dot. Pressting stop then play will move the red dot to where your ringtone will start. Once you've selected the part you want then you click on get my ringtone. Instead of "Send To Phone", Click on the tab that says "Save To PC".

      • jessica

        Make sure you click save instead of open when your computer promts you. Once you have your ringtone saved you can then send it via e-mail to your phone eg. your 10 digit number@mymetropcs.com If you have trouble you can always send a text from your phone to your e-mail and then reply to the e-mail with and attachment. Your phone will recieve the messege the same as it does with a picture messege.

  • Charis

    I don't think that it is fair to say that this phone is only for "young" users. I love this phone. It's cute and has everything I need =)

  • Scorbing

    To download (send) MP3 files or photos to your Metro PCS LG Imprint all you have to do is this:

    1. Open your email client and click on Compose to compose an email and send an email to your phone number like this:


    000 = your area code
    111 = first three numbers of your cell phone #
    2233 = Last four numbers of your cell phone #

    Send the email and you will receive it as a text or picture message. Once you receive it, just save the audio or picture to your phone and that's it. Any questions or doubts, email me and ask! – scorbing@yahoo.com

    • Olivia

      I tried the steps but didn’t get any email back

  • averrisa

    its not letting me download ringtones from myxer what are you suppose to do ?

  • Joanna♥

    there is this thing called "limewire" download it from there. its free, and if you have limewire you can also use itunes to see all of the downlaods. it just depends what kind of limwire that you download.

    • Diana

      so you can put songs from limewire in the lg imprint

  • newuser1

    Yeah i have music on my memory card, but i cant use em as ring tones. how do i do that?

  • courtney

    omggg help me , i have the same problem . . like i have all the songs i want & stuff that i got off limewire & dragged to itunes . . i have a memory card too but like is there suppost to be something that pops up ? i just need the EXACT steps pleaseeeee , thank youu (: email me at peacelovecamels@yahoo.com or catty_teamo@yahoo.com well if youu can do both for me it wouldbe great thanks .

  • monique

    verizon is so much better than metro pcs

    • zach

      I just dumped Verizon after years. I am sick to death of watching my minutes and going over. They are good at what they're good at. They're a BMW of wireless carries. Some of us don't need a car, though.

    • Trevor

      Are you sure about that? My parents pay $200 for them and my sister a month on Verizon, I pay $50 a month for MetroPCS for Unlimited EVERYTHING!! You should look up features and compare prices before you spread false information on the internet. It confuses the hell out of people.

    • cisco760ca


  • ashley

    you have to format you memory card to your phone before you can download music. i love this phone. it has everything i need.

    • Olivia

      How do you format your ds card to your phone? And if you do that does it mean you can download songs and ringtones off the web thru your phone. olivia_yarfi@yahoo.com

  • eli

    when I'm surfing the web on this phone i can't see images, why? theres a box with an X in it instead? pls. help!

    • kat

      when u go online click on the menu box, go on settings, click on downloads, uncheck the box, then save. hope that helped

  • Olivia

    I tried to download songs and even games and apps from mobileheart.com on my LG imprint MN240 but it’s not letting me, it keeps saying unsupported content and even tried to watch videos but is says error:malformed url. Could someone please help. (email: olivia_yarfi@yahoo.com)

    • john

      i have had no luck downloading my tunes either . i am disgusted. The clerk at the store does’nt offer help as well. If you find out how to get your music to work .do tell

  • Kim



  • Andres

    I'm having the same problem for the ringtones! if anyone knows what to do please email me avengedandres@aol.com or tweet me (@avengedandres) please!

  • Lauresaurusss123

    does youtube work on the phone though?

    • Tessa

      Nope. No Videos

  • quarty

    no youtube does not work

  • John

    I hope someone can tell me is it possible to somehow save 350 sextes I got from my girlfriend…I want to transfer the textes to my computer if possible. I dont have the microSD card…if I got one and placed into my phone would the 350 textes download into it? Can the card then be put into a computer and transfer all the textes? Any other technique for saving textes on this phone?

  • Kimmie

    I hate this stupid phone i just got it a week or so ago and it wont let me download anything… every time i go to download anything it says unsupported contect type… so i completely hate this phone until i can start getting my effing ring tones on it

  • taylor

    could you please let me know how it works to get ringtones please i really needa know could you email me at tay0833087@yahoo.com

  • jake

    yeah i have the same problem with my lg imprint every time i try to get ringtones from myxer or funformobile.com it says unsupported content type. i just want some damn ringtones!!!!

  • dam noobs

    theres a thing called a computer and you can get a usb cable to transfer everything on to the memory card if you got one. its not that hard to do all that i dont know its so difficult for people

  • patrik

    guy for all of you other there to ger ringtones just put the music files into the audios file instead of music

  • Angelia Hall

    Um so where do i go to download the free apps? and exactly how can i transfer them to my phone, i mean i downloaded the drivers but when i connect my phone through usb mass storage it doesnt do anything its the same as before…can somebody help me please it would really be appreciated and i been tryin to research all day…..=(

  • Angelia Hall

    by the way putting songs and wallpapers and all that is the easy stuff…just download a song from somewhere like limewire and drag and drop the song from the library to your sd card when you plug it into your computer. Put it in the folder called My_Music and if you want it as your ringtone put it in My_Audios

  • Trevor

    A lot of people are wondering how to format a Micro SD card on the LG Imprint (you need to format it to put music files onto it and be able to listen to songs on the phone). It's actually very sinple, I'll list steps for you:
    1) Press [OK] twice.
    2) Slide out the keyboard.
    3) Press [#] once.
    4) Press [7] once.
    5) Press [3] once.
    6) Press ["right" –] once to format.
    7) When cell phone asks for security code, type in last 4 digits of your cell phone number.

    • kat

      that just deleted everything i had on my memory card -____-

  • jessica

    I e-mailed most every one i could with how you can get ringtones free on your LG Imprint phone. If you didnt get it but would like to know feel free to e-mail me at AliveInTheNight@yahoo.com

  • bria

    i cant stan it no ringtone ability

  • jesus

    I've Been Having this problem where i cant send text messages to 5 of my contacts
    but if they send me a message i can reply but not be the first in sending one

  • yan

    omg im gettin my LG imprint tomorrow =) im only 12 but i go to work with my mom sometimes and i have enough money for it plus my parents are helping me pay for it and my sister =) i love themm thanks guysss

  • Pinky Fabian

    i have the answer to all ur questions on ringtones just go on ur multimedia press on record voice.. (record any song or voice that u wanna use as ur ringtone like from the radio or ur computer press save and then press options SET AS " RINGTONE" hurray that deals with that.. hope it helps no more downloading : ]

  • ShawnB

    Can any one tell me what web site or how i can download free ring tones to my LG Imprint?????

    • Shyra Shung

      go to 4shared create an account type in your song pick a link downlod. save it to your AUDIOS

  • j logikal

    can sum one hmu on yahoo to tell me bout the phone plz lilzsoom14@yahoo.com plz

  • Fresh

    i got suckered to buy this phone they arab said you can download videos into the msd card and be able to watch them but nothing not even songs this phone sucks

    • NormalGuest

      you r dumb… & after the racist comment I guess I should have expected it. You can watch Video & have an MP3 built in software on the phone… or is it too hard for ur peanut brain?? ppl like you should still be using land lines.

      • kat

        how do i get the mp3 built in software

  • Sherry

    Ahhhhh Someone help me please!!! How do I transfer songs to my phone? >< I hate thissssssss I have a 4GB SD card how do I pass them on the phone. My computer doesn't recognize it for some reason someone email me at sherilynbm@yahoo.com pretty please!!!!!

  • Mariella

    I have a 4GB SD card Bbt I dont know how to download music to my phone . Please Help !!!
    Email Me : mariellabenavidesbravo@hotmail.com

  • Sandy

    Hi!! I can’t seem to figure out how u put ringtone onto the phone?

  • Dianelle

    i have the LG imprint i have some songs in my music player
    i am trying to use them as a ringtone but it won’t let me do it

    • Dani

      I went through the same thing finally a guy at LG helped me out…here’s what u do:

      1. Go to Multimedia
      2. then 4. Audios then 1. My Audios
      3. Options then 6. Move/Copy
      4. Copy 2. phone
      5. check the ones you want to move over the Done

      Now you can set them as ring tones ~ hope that helps

  • Eve

    I love the phone. Irrespective of the fact that it doesn’t come with any preloaded games. But I can’t see the songs on the memory card I inserted. However when I inserted another card from another phone, I can see those songs and play them too and when I put my card in another phone, I see the songs and are able to play them too. I am so frustrated, I neeeeed help please.

  • Dani

    I finally figured out the ringtones now I’m on a mission to see about downloading games and/or videos….any ideas or suggestions? Can it even be done?

  • tabitha

    its so easy to get songs and ringtones on this phone just put your memory card in the computer if you want your songs as ringtones you put it in my audios if you just want music you put it in my music, i love this phone.

    • Beatris Valdivia

      hi!! tabitha i just wanted to tell u that i love the phone too just didnt get it yet but i just love it ook so im wondering if u had any problems? write me back please im on the top im new ; )

  • Paulina

    Hi! I bought this phone today and I would like to know if it’s possible to wirte more than 160 letters in a same message?? Do I really have to send in differente messages it it’s tool long?
    Thks a lot!!

  • Stella

    Can I use this to get to Facebook? Haven’t quite figured out the web on it yet.

    • Megan

      Yes you can. Go to metroWeb and type in Facebook at the search box. The link for facebook will apear at the bottom.

  • FireLilly

    Does anyone know if it’s possible to get Java on this phone?

  • Simon

    Alright here is a tutorial to turn your song into a ringtone from the beginning stages. Disconnect your LG Imprint from the computer. It is recommended that you remove the device drivers you installed for your Imprint unless you got it from LG’s website. Go to LG’s website and download the latest ‘LG Mobile Support Tool’ from LG Mobile Phone Support. This link will take you there. http://www.lg.com/us/support/mc-support/mobile-phone-support.jsp This tool will install the proper device drivers for your phone to get it working with your computer as well as update your phone’s software. Make sure you follow the directions on the website and allow the installation to fully complete with installation of all drivers. After all driver installation has completed, connect your phone to the computer using the USB cable. At this point your computer should detect your phone and load the appropriate drivers for its usage. NOTE: if you plan to update the phone’s software, it is important to make sure you remove the SD card and then click ‘Start Updating.’ Your computer should now recognize your phone and make it a mass storage device using the correct drivers. If you connected your phone to the computer without a SD card in it, the computer may recognize it as a CD drive. This may also be true if you have a bad SD card or SD card that needs formatting in the phone.

    To set your song as a ringtone, copy it from your computer to the drive letter of your phone into the My_Audios folder. Now on your phone choose ‘Multimedia,’ then ‘Audio,’ and then ‘My Audios.’ You should see your song there. Try playing it to see if it can be played first. If not, then either the file is not supported or is corrupt. If the song plays good, make sure its highlighted and choose ‘Options’ on the lower right hand corner. Scroll down to ‘Move/Copy,’ select ‘Copy,’ and then select ‘To Phone.’ The screen then shows the audio you want to copy, select it, and then choose ‘Done.’ When prompted ‘Copy to Phone?’ choose ‘YES.’ After the copy process is completed, you can now choose the copied song (one without the SD card icon) as a ringtone by highlighting it, choose ‘Options,’ then ‘Set As,’ and then ‘Ringtone.’ Choose whichever kind of call you want your song played. If your song doesn’t get copied over, check if you have enough phone memory left.

    To use the music player function, copy songs from your computer to the drive letter of your phone into the My_Music folder. Make sure the file type is supported by the phone.

    I was able to get all this done on my first try on a new Imprint without troubles. It should go smoothly for you as well.

    • Simon

      If you want to move pictures between the PC and the phone, you use the phone’s My_Images folder.

    • Gabby Sweetheart

      I’m typing in my s/n and meid. my carrier is metro pcs, but its telling me i have the wrong number for both, but its not. anyone else having this problem?

      • Gabby Sweetheart

        nevermind i let it read my phone info

  • Jonayker Vege

    y i cant get my picture in the computer

  • Mrsthang68

    the imprint is cute and the only problem with it is the ringtones i will try all the step here to put ringtones but its not the phone its metro they want you to pay for your ringtones not get them for free all new phones will be locked to free sites including the new freeform and the new one coming out the craft…..but where there is a will there is a way……

  • Mrsthang68

    the imprint is cute and the only problem with it is the ringtones i will try all the step here to put ringtones but its not the phone its metro they want you to pay for your ringtones not get them for free all new phones will be locked to free sites including the new freeform and the new one coming out the craft…..but where there is a will there is a way……



  • Jamelleeddins

    I cannot seem to dowload any ringtones to my phone at all

  • Nickolaboo12

    my little cousin was messing with my phone, and chaged the lock code and then turned my phone off, when i turn my phone on it’s set to lock, now i dont know my password. is there anyway i can find my password out without going to the store?

    • Pmz34

      try the last four digits of your phone number

      • Pmz34

        for the lock code last 4 digits of number

    • Tana_marin16

      i believe u have to have it restored…

  • Aether

    Anyone know what’s the biggest micro SD card that the Imprint can handle? I want to get one with at least 16 gigs so I don’t want to waste money on a card I can’t use just in case.

    • Whipping Boy

      12GB is the largest it can handle.

      • Liyah14_lol

        thats wrong it can handle up to 16gb ( :

  • Jmmbauer

    looking for SD memory card for my imprint….want best available but am not sure what difference there is between classes…new classes go up to 10…will this increase internet speed or is it just a storage devise?

  • Naomi

    Ok, so I just bought an LG Imprint just because my Samsung Freeform crapped out on me. Now, I already had an SD card for it but for some reason all of my songs will not download onto the Imprint and most important, my freaking contacts are lost. I know I saved it to my SD card so why is it not showing up on my imprint? Any suggestions? I really need those numbers. You can email me at naomilatham@yahoo.com or just comment back here. Any help will be most appreciated. thanks.

  • Naomi

    Ok, so I just bought an LG Imprint just because my Samsung Freeform crapped out on me. Now, I already had an SD card for it but for some reason all of my songs will not download onto the Imprint and most important, my freaking contacts are lost. I know I saved it to my SD card so why is it not showing up on my imprint? Any suggestions? I really need those numbers. You can email me at naomilatham@yahoo.com or just comment back here. Any help will be most appreciated. thanks.

  • Beatris Valdivia

    ok so i really want the lg imprint since last year on november till now today is MARCH 21, 2O11 I OVE IT!!!! BECAUSE i like the QWERTY KEYBOARD I BET ITS GOOD PLEASE REPLY TO ME ABOUT LG IMPRINT GOOD THINGS EHH!

    • Tana_marin16

      very duruable phone… i have had mines fall from counters, my car, thrown it, everythinq possible and it still works like champ:)! nt my ideal phone bt it was jst suppose to b a temp.phone bt been havinq it since october 2010.

  • Beatris Valdivia

    hi i really want the Lg Imprint i like its so small but hu cares im getting it on the 28 of march i just cant wait tell i get then i will fell how itss going to slide i just love slide phones i had a glide from verison but it was a touch i dont like touch phones my glide the screen got mest up so im willing to get a phone thats not touch i allways wantid a sidekick 3 but it was to expensive at the time so my friend kimberly told me all about it shes nice its just my friendenemy is turning her mean oks so im no talking about problems im talking about my future phone LG IMPRINT so i looked up that wat lg imprint can do and it says it has a mp3 in it and its has a alarm that says good morning i didnt get it from internet but from my friend pedro ok S00000 send me thing s that lg imprint can dp but good things not bad things or else ur going to freak me out s0 bye

  • hernandez

    Hello;)  I love this phone because of the size how can I download games,like solitaire or any fun game into my LG IMPRINT phone.

     thanks very much!

  • brie7119@yahoo.com

    Very frustrated I cannot seem to upload photos onto facebook can anyone help?

    • MH

      it doesnt work unless you pay $ 45 dollars or more.. that happend to me 2

    • kat

      facebook gives u an email u can upload photos from ur phone to. type in that email as a text message attach a photo from ur phone send it then it shows up in ur profile

  • Kayla

    I want the metropcs imprint cheap so if anyone seems to have one plz send me a email kaylafelice@yahoo.com and i heard they are good and i love slides phones like this i have always wanted one like this

  • MH

    i dont know how to work my memory card in this phone ! uqqq i need help

  • kat

    i hate this phone so much, i reformatted and it erased all my memorable pics and media

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