LG Imprint lands at MetroPCS all in its QWERTY keyboard

MetroPCS has a new LG mobile phone in its portfolio – Imprint. The sliding QWERTY keyboard-equipped device seems ideal for heavy texters, savvy social network users and/or those who like to keep up with their buddies across IM networks even while on the go. Rest of the features include a 1.3-megapixel camera, GPS receiver, Bluetooth and a microSD memory card slot.

In terms of the pre-installed software, there’s a media player, simple photo editing app, web browser, email client, Pocket Express (Handmark’s popular news reader), myMetro (for managing your MetroPCS account) and MetroNavigator, which provides audible turn-by-turn driving directions as well as local searches and maps.

In a nutshell, the LG Imprint is a well rounded device for young users on a budget, providing the features they [young users] need the most in a compact form factor. Too bad it’s not a smartphone, but then again, you can’t have everything for $109, which is the amount MetroPCS is asking for the device.

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