Apple passed up AMOLED display for iPhone HD / 4G due to supply constraints?

Following on news that Verizon is having trouble keeping the Droid Incredible in stock due to supply issues that smartphone maker HTC is having with the Samsung-sourced AMOLED displays, we’re now hearing that Apple passed up the the chance to use AMOLED on its next-generation iPhone HD (4G) because of concerns over component supply. The report says that Apple considered using the brighter, power-saving display technology but decided to go with an IPS LCD display in order to save on component costs and, more importantly, meet demand for Apple’s upcoming iPhone.

Apple reportedly talked to Samsung to potentially provide the superior display for the 4th-generation iPhone. Had those talks panned out, the new iPhone 4 might have been blessed with one of Samsung’s Super AMOLED displays. Unfortunately, Samsung couldn’t meet demand. Word has it that, even if Samsung devoted its entire AMOLED production ramp to the iPhone, they’d only be able to meet about 50-60% of Apple’s demand. That obviously wouldn’t fly with the iPhone maker.

If Samsung is having trouble keeping up with demand for the HTC Incredible, there’s no way they’d be able to ramp up production to supply enough panels to keep Apple stocked with new iPhones.

Interestingly, this same report mentions that a CDMA iPhone is still under development at Apple. But, before you get too excited about seeing a Verizon iPhone, just know that this CDMA iPhone is still in early-stage development and probably won’t be ready for prime-time until 2011. Even then, this could just be the China-bound iPhone.

All eyes are now on Apple and their WWDC conference early next month. We’ll know more about the iPhone HD then. Stay tuned!

[Via: Electronista]

  • Cat

    lame!!!! AMOLED was one of the big perks I was really looking forward to!!!

  • meh

    AMOLED is shocking when used outdoors, so in my opinion it was for the best. Super AMOLED has partly solved the issue, only to eat up your battery. If it truly is an IPS panel that Apple uses within the new iPhone I would be far happier, my experiences with AMOLED has been terrible.

    • Hans

      The Super AMOLED use less power than any LCD technology, a lot less in fact. The poor outdoor usability of AMOLED is more or less a fact-less internet rumour.

      NO display technology work fine under direct sunlight, not even the much hyped iPhone 3G or 4G LCD. The new Super AMOLED's from Samsung does however improve this a lot, since there's only a single layer of glass between the display and your eyes, if you have to add a 2nd layer of glass or plastic like all other touch screen solutions need, you will inevitably get air in between them and that will result in an extra layer reflecting the sunlight.

      • Fred Farkleschnorp

        The sunlight readability of OLED vs LCD has to do with the aperture size of the sub-pixels. AMOLED has smaller pinpoints of light which look fine in room light, but the wider non-active areas between the sub-pixels contribute to a washed-out look in direct sun. It's not just rumor – it is well documented. Yes, optical improvements in the touch-screen & other layers will help, but AMOLED will not have better sunlight readability than LCD until they solve the aperature problem. But is it really a problem? Personally, I will just turn my back to the sun & let my shadow fall on the screen while I'm using it. I already do that with LCD screens.

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