Cyanide and Happiness Brings Definitive Tastelessness to iPhone

One of my favourite webcomics, Cyanide and Happiness, just got its own iPhone app, and you all need to get it right now. Just, stop reading, pick up your iPhone, go into iTunes, and buy it. For $0.99, you get over 1800 of the most tasteless, tactless, crude, and hilarious comic strips you will ever read. New comics will be viewable right from the app, you can shake it to get a random strip, and there’s support for both landscape and portrait viewing. If a particular comic is awesome, you can favourite it for future viewing and offline access. There’s also access to the news posts, that include information about book launches and events, if you’re an especially hardcore fan. As an added bonus, you can even watch the Cyanide and Happiness video shorts, which would otherwise be inaccessible in their dark, dank Flash-based prison.

I’d really love to see more webcomics have dedicated mobile apps, mostly since it’s hard to keep tabs of them all without resorting to some RSS solution which just feels way too formal. Push notifications when a new comic is up, sharing via e-mail, Twitter, and Facebook would make it super-helpful, and comics are the perfect kind of 30-second time-waster you need when you’ve got a smartphone and some time to kill.

You know what? I’m shocked this comic got through iTunes, and wouldn’t be surprised to see it get pulled in time. So go get it now. Do it. No? Read some of the comics in a big boy browser, and tell me they aren’t worth a buck. And C&H guys? Make apps for the other platforms too, eh? BlackBerry and Android people need low-brow humour too. More info about the app at Explosm.

[via Explosm]

Download Cyanide and Happiness for iPhone ($0.99) [iTunes Link]

  • Dan

    This app is pretty awesome cyanide and happiness is funny as shit

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