Motorola Shadow/Xtreme spotted being ‘very metal’ in the wild

The Motorola Xtreme (or Shadow) has just been spotted in the wild and its looking sexy as all hell in its ridiculously thin metallic casing. If, for some reason you’re still not convinced that Android is the next big thing in mobile, just look at the number of high-end Android smart phones headed to market – especially the new generation of Motorola devices. We can’t seem to go a week, nevermind a couple days, without seeing something about the Motorola Droid2 or Shadow/Xtreme leaking out to the web.

We know, its a bit confusing. The pics you see here of the alleged Motorola Xtreme show a slate style Android device with no slide-out keyboard to be seen. Previous spy pics of the Shadow indicated that it might have a QWERTY keyboard. Turns out, though, those previous rumors may have missed the mark. If what we’re seeing here is truly the Motorola Xtreme, then previous images of the Xtreme were off base – those photos showed a slide-out keyboard. What does that mean? It means that what we’re looking at here is either the Shadow or the Xtreme. Or maybe those previous Xtreme photos were actually the Droid2. Less confused? Good, let’s continue.

These pics of the Motorola Shadow/Xtreme were sent to DroidLife by some tipster who claims that the handset is “very metal.” We take that to mean that the handset sports a metallic casing. We certainly hope that’s the case (no pun intended, for once), because metallic casings give mobile phones a certain in-hand feel that you can’t get with a plastic body. Just compare the HTC Incredible and the Google Nexus One. Both are similar phones in size and specs, but the aluminum unibody construction on the N1 gives it a more substantial feel.

The Xtreme is also supposed to sport Android 2.2 OS “Froyo” home screen that thankfully shuns MotoBlur in favor of a 9-pane homescreen setup. It’s supposed to have HDMI-out, just like the EVO 4G, a dedicated camera button, and sexiness dripping from every port. Seriously, just look at how thin and metallic the Xtreme looks in these pics and tell us that you’re not feeling at least a twinge of smartphone envy.

The large touchscreen looks good on the device, and, as with all modern slate smartphones, essentially accounts for the entire front face of the device. The camera module protrudes a bit on the backside, but that’s the price you pay for having such a slim phone. The N1, Incredible, and EVO all have camera modules that stick out a bit, so is is not uncommon. Something’s gotta give when you’re sticking a high-megapixel camera into handsets as thin as the new generation of Android phones are proving to be.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait for official announcements before we can confirm or debunk the current whirlwind of rumors surrounding Motorola’s upcoming Android lineup. As far as we can tell, Motorola is said to be working on two devices. The Droid2 should have a physical keyboard and goes by the A955 model number. The Shadow/Xtreme you see here may be going by the MB810 model number and will likely be the keyboard-less sister to the Droid2. But, again, this is all rumor and speculation.

Now, we wait…

[Via: DroidLife]

  • gdigenis

    So my nexus one is made out of aluminum? not likely, check your facts.

  • shea

    How do we know this unit has no slide out keyboard again? Did the OP say so or just because of the pictures? Cause the side on pictures look like there may indeed be a keyboard there.

  • ihknm

    yeah i gotta agree with shea. the first pic looks like the shadow/xtreme(no keyboard) and the second picture the Droid 2( with keyboard)

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