Samsung reveals the Samsung Galaxy Tab as first Android tablet

We’d heard that Samsung would, at some point, reveal its ownSamsung Galaxy S-like Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet device, and today is that day. What’s it like? Similar to what the iPad is compared to the iPhone. It’s pretty much the same thing, only bigger.

While I can see why they chose to leave this out, I had hoped the Galaxy Tab would come with a Super AMOLED screen like the one on the Galaxy S. It would be very expensive to add these screens to a large device, but it would at least stand out in the best of ways. The Tab sports a front-facing camera, so video chatting is a go. It also looks to have Samsung’s TouchWiz UI (presumably running Android 2.1), which may not be too appealing to some, but hey, it’s not the same as the Behold 2, and that’s a great thing in our book.

We don’t know much more about this device, besides that the phone icon displayed on the picture above could indicate that it could make calls. The presence of the phone icon could mean a couple of things, and one is that the picture of the tablet is in very early stages, and was shown off just to show that it indeed is running Android, or that when released, the Tab could be tied to a carrier.

Samsung South Africa tweeted a juicy detail though, saying that “this particular one” (tablet) has a 7 – inch TFT screen. That’s enough to deduce that this is not the only Samsung tablet in the works. Then, from the Korea Herald we heard that there will indeed be more tablets from the manufacturer. In fact, we may see two more Samsung tablets, in 8 and 10 inch variants. With three reasonably-sized tablets coming to market, Samsung needs to make sure these devices will be affordable. By nixing the Super AMOLED screen, they could definitely achieve this, but without more information on the Samsung Galaxy Tab, I’m still looking elsewhere for now.

[Via: PhoneDog]

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