Gowalla Beta Now Available for BlackBerry

Gowalla’s check-in app has done the rounds among webOS, Android and iPhone handsets, and is now finally finding a home on BlackBerry. It launched its open beta over the weekend, now allowing you to share where you are with friends over Facebook, Twitter, and Gowalla’s own social network through mobile check-in. I’ve only started playing with the app, and it’s looking nicely streamlined, but perhaps a little too bare-bones. For example, I haven’t found the option to add a picture to a spot, or to create a spot via mobile, but as a beta, these features are likely to be added in due course.

Foursquare remains the pre-eminent check-in application right now, but Gowalla has a certain charm to it, thanks in no small part to their excellent icons locations, and virtual geocaching game built into the app. Gowalla also seems more prone to be used outside of just restaurants – it supports a wide variety of landmarks, and offers custom rewards for those visiting recognizable spots.

You can download Gowalla for BlackBerry directly from this link from your device, or download for the other platforms at the links below. Check out Gowalla’s homepage for a closer look at the app.

appcatalogbadge Gowalla for Android Updated with Photo Sharing,   Comments, and More Download Gowalla for webOS (Free) [Catalog Link]

Android Marketbadge Gowalla for Android Updated with Photo   Sharing, Comments, and More Download Gowalla for Android (Free) [Market Link]

appstorebadge Gowalla for iPhone Adds Spot Search, Friend Sorting    By Location Download Gowalla for iPhone (Free) [iTunes Link]

  • Hugo

    I was using the BB application but it was too slow and kept freezing my BB 9700. Also I disliked how you had to enter in so many places. Apps like BrightKite was great in that you didnt need to enter as many Places. People want a fast app that can recognise places, not spend time having to create Pins as is the case for Gowalla. I may give Gowalla another try at later date maybe when they have updated there BB APP

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